Identify and develop leaders with Talogy InView Leadership solutions

Identify and develop leaders with Talogy InView Leadership solutions

Leadership solutions that connect people, purpose, and performance.

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Empower future-ready leaders with Talogy’s leadership framework

Today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges and pressures, and nearly half of leaders feel they don’t have the skills to succeed in their role. Your organisational success relies on leaders that can thrive through complexity and uncertainty while inspiring your workforce. Talogy InView Leadership solutions help you hire and grow confident, capable leaders who use self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and key leadership qualities to flexibly balance people and results.

  • Thorough leadership evaluation through leadership assessment
  • Self-insight through the perceptions of others with 360 feedback
  • Lasting behaviour change driven by leadership development programmes
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Employee expectations towards leadership have changed, and leaders now need to take a more personalised approach to leadership than ever before.

Susan Stang

Group VP Talogy Americas

An approach based on the latest leadership research

The requirements for effective leadership have changed significantly over the last five years, and Talogy conducted global research to understand exactly what changed – and what needed to change in leadership to be effective. The insights generated through this leadership research formed the basis for the Talogy InView leadership philosophy, uncovering themes like:

  • Inspiring, motivating and engaging people is the core component in achieving results
  • Employee wellbeing is a key challenge leadership needs to be able to address
  • Effective leadership in the volatile work environment requires a growth mindset, resilience, and emotional intelligence
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Talogy InView Leadership framework – A fresh perspective

Based on the latest leadership research and insights, the Talogy InView Leadership framework redefines modern leadership, empowering leaders at all levels with self-awareness and empathy, and enabling leaders with key leadership qualities to motivate and support their teams in an ever-changing workplace.

  • Identity: Leadership starts from the inside out. We lead from who we are. Leading with authenticity – a leader’s core values and what they stand for as a leader – is critical in building trust and engagement with others.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Leaders that pay attention to their feelings and those of others create a more resilient and engaged workforce.
  • Leadership qualities: A dynamic workplace demands flexibility. Six essential leadership qualities provide unique skills, attitudes, and behaviours to leverage depending on situational context.
  • Balance: Whether driving transformational change, providing day-to-day stability, or balancing people and results, leaders must be able to adapt, and shift focus as needed to move forward regardless of the challenges they face.

Six essential leadership qualities

Developed from the insights of our recent global research study, these six essential leadership qualities reflect the challenges leaders face now and in the future. Great leaders flexibly move between these qualities based on the situations they face.

  1. Inspiring purpose – Give people a ‘why’
  2. Agile mind – Look ahead and always be ready to adjust course
  3. Focus on momentum – Keep people moving in the right direction
  4. Steady presence – Be the leader that others can rely on
  5. Authentic connection – Connect with people and value them as individuals
  6. Empowering approach – You don’t need to have all the answers

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Select, retain, and grow top talent with Talogy InView Leadership solutions

Leadership assessment

Whether selecting a leader, maximising a leader’s performance and impact, or identifying a future senior leader, Talogy can help you make the right decisions using talent assessment tools that drive real-world business outcomes.

Leadership 360

Creating self-awareness through the perspective of others, Talogy InView Leadership 360 provides an actionable starting point for leadership development – translating insights into meaningful, targeted, and sustainable behaviour change.

Leadership development programmes

Personalised to each individual leader with diagnostics, coaching, and workshops, Talogy InView Leadership development programmes promote lasting leadership learning and sustainable development with application and reinforcement support.

Aligned to your needs

Flexibility of ready-to-use, integrated solutions, or a more tailored approach to enrich your current leadership framework with the most up-to-date insights, Talogy InView Leadership offers solutions for each leadership level – manager, mid-level, and senior.

How we help your unique leadership challenges

With over 75 years of leadership assessment and development experience, we understand leadership, what makes good leaders, and how to help you find and develop the best leaders. With a deep understanding of today’s leadership challenges, we partner with our clients to address their toughest issues and prepare them for long-term success. Every organisation is different in its challenges and in the solutions it requires. Whatever your challenge, we’re committed to helping your organisation:

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