Developing people and teams for high performance

What to do when your people are not performing up to their potential

How to deliver people development programmes to promote performance

Your people are your strongest asset because they help you carry your organisational goals forward. But when they are not performing well or productively, you may find your organisation struggling to reach its milestones.

Sometimes, it’s individual employees who are not performing up to their potential. Or it may be whole teams that are not collaborating or working well together. Whatever the main problem is, a robust development programme can encourage your people to bring their best to work every day. When you have an engaging development plan in place, people are more likely to be engaged, more productive and less likely to leave.

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Our top 5 tips for developing people and teams

    Understand the problem

    What are your people not doing that you need them to do? Get to the root cause of performance problems by analysing the gap between what you’re trying to achieve as an organisation and why your employees are not performing at the level required to reach organisational goals. Where is the disconnect?

    Understand drivers of behaviour

    To understand why you’re having performance issues, you also need to understand the internal drivers and motivators of your employees. Performance issues can often be linked to individual mindset, skills and behaviour. A good development programme should help employees raise their own self-awareness to see what may be causing performance issues – and then give them an action plan for moving toward higher performance.

    Consider future needs

    What are the needs of the business – not just today, but in the future? Your development programme should certainly focus on developing the skills and behaviours that your organisation needs right now. But you should also have a plan for developing the skills and behaviours that will likely be needed for continued success in the future.

    Personalise development to each person

    Make each person’s individual development plan relevant to their job and level. A great development programme should be scalable and personalised for each employee. Each of your employees likely has different strengths and weaknesses, so their development programmes should reflect what they need to develop in order to be successful in their role.

    Sustain the changes you want to see

    There is no end to a great development programme. Development across the entire organisation should be ongoing. What can you do to sustain the changes being made through your development programme? Figure out how best to reinforce continuous learning for all employees and teams.


Proven expertise in developing people for high performance

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The very smooth customer relationship and effective project management allowed to us to deliver a memorable developmental experience to our top talent.

Gerardo Locurcio

Talent Management Director at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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