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At Talogy, we aren’t just an organisation – we are a Talent Network. And we want to bring the power of psychology combined with technology to as many people as possible.

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    We are technology nerds and people people, who are energised by innovation and collaboration. We’ve built a team of 600+ colleagues across more than 20 countries by uniting the leading talent experts across the globe.

    We walk our talk, and passion fuels what we do.

    Our mission is to help people meet their potential. In striving for this mission, we are daring, go the extra mile, take ownership and expect a lot from each other.

    But most of all, we care deeply – about our customers and about each other.

    Find out if Talogy is the right place for you.

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    Join the Talogy Network

    Our Practitioner Network is exclusively for accredited users of our assessment and development tools. As a network member, you will benefit from connections with Talogy Consultants and your network co-members.

    You will receive exclusive articles and research insights, alongside continued learning opportunities and event invitations.

    Being a member of the Talogy Network will enable you to create greater impact harnessing your extended talent management skills, knowledge, and connections.

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    Explore upcoming talent management events

    The world of work is complex and constantly changing, and we know that it’s hard to keep pace. We therefore host complimentary events across the globe to explore new talent management themes and help you broaden your knowledge and stimulate new thinking.

    Check out our complimentary events and the conferences we’ll be attending – so you can stop by and say “Hello.”

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