Targeting attributes that predict job performance

Target candidates whose attributes align with the system’s values and culture



One of the nation’s largest health systems wanted to target candidates whose attributes were most aligned with the system’s values, and who were most likely to succeed in their unique culture.


Talogy’s evidence-based approach to hiring brings science and data to the hiring decision. Historically, recruiters and hiring managers have had little objective data to align their efforts with organizational goals. Basic, generic, personality tests can’t be this specific.

Evidence-based hiring uses science, data, and objectivity to successfully target specific candidate attributes. Talogy’s team of experts gathered system-specific data via surveys, focus groups, and leadership visioning meetings.

Using this data, they configured specific versions of our healthcare solutions to target the desired attributes. Looking at 16,000 recent hires, Talogy’s Research and Development team performed an analysis of the accuracy of the process.



The hiring system is right on target. Key attributes identified as important consistently predict on the job performance. For example:

  • Candidates who scored high in the area of Excellence and Innovation are 3 times more likely to be rated as top performers on the job.
  • If they scored high on Responsibility and Integrity they were 2.7 times more likely to be a top performer.
  • If they scored high on Quality and Safety, they were 2 times more likely to be a top performer.


Candidate scores on these attributes predict performance in the other direction, too. For instance, the organization places a big emphasis on Excellence and Innovation. Those who score low in this area during the hiring process are FOUR times more likely to turnover in the first year. In other words, those who are not strong in this area are likely to struggle and have a short tenure. This critical data informs every hiring decision.