Values, Culture, and Opportunities


We are the people behind the psychology and technology that reveal the right solutions for our clients.
  • Humble masters

    We are masters at what we do.

    Our experience, track record, and people mean we approach our work with bold certainty. Self-assured.

    We use technology to work smarter.

    Always confident. Never arrogant.

  • Flexible experts

    We are completely passionate about what we do.

    Crafting, molding, shaping. Never settling.

    Like psychology and technology, we are always improving.

    Obsessive, but never stubborn.

  • Human scientists

    We use ones and zeros, but we don’t see people as numbers.

    We are precise, clinical, and results driven. But never cold. We care deeply.

    We are technology nerds and people people.

We walk our talk, and passion fuels what we do.

We are technology nerds and people people, who are energized by innovation and collaboration — winning together as a team of 600+ colleagues by uniting the leading talent experts across the globe.

Our mission is to help people meet their potential. In striving for this mission, we are daring, go the extra mile, take ownership, and expect a lot from each other.

But most of all, we care deeply — about our customers, and about each other.

At Talogy, we are humble masters, flexible experts, and human scientists.
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Experience our culture

We have built a culture where diversity, equity, inclusivity, flexibility, and understanding aren’t just words for us. We come together as a group and collaborate through the challenges that our clients are experiencing to give them the best solution that psychology and technology can reveal.

  • What it looks like

    We put ‘All Hands on Deck’ when we face complex challenges and don’t stop until we find a solution. ​

    We gather opinions, listen to the diverse thoughts of others, strive to obtain buy-in, and make informed decisions​.

    We leverage the various strengths of our employees to make a lasting impact​ in the Talent Management space.

  • What it sounds like

    We say “I need help” when we do, and say “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand” when we don’t.

    We invite and encourage collaboration — across teams, departments, and the globe.

    We solicit ideas and opinions from others, keeping open minds to new approaches and innovations.

  • What it feels like

    We care deeply — about each other, TALOGY and our values, and our clients.

    We are guided by integrity, always doing the right thing — for ourselves, our colleagues, and for our clients.

    We feel great pride in making a positive difference to the lives of others through our work.

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