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Participant experience makes a big impact. Whether for hiring, promotion, or development, you want to make sure your candidates and employees have a great assessment experience. Clutter-free, effortless, and highly engaging. With TalogyTech, you can do exactly that.

Built for a great participant and user experience

Engagement from start to finish

We believe that assessments should be easy to complete for participants – and simple to interpret for users. Be it for hiring, development, or any other talent management goal.

We have a team of UX experts working on assessment innovations that ensure just that. Taking the perspective of both the participant and the user, and creating technological solutions that enable you to roll out a smooth and engaging process for everyone involved.

  • Branded
  • Personalized
  • Device-agnostic
  • Interactive
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The power of a positive candidate hiring experience

Companies that take the time to develop a positive candidate hiring experience report a 70% improvement in the quality of hires. (Source: Glassdoor)



improvement in the quality of hires

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


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    Research shows positive candidate experience is essential to the hiring process
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    Backed by big volumes of data and research
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    Dedicated experts that help you configure your solution to best meet the needs of you and your candidates


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    A great digital experience across all devices
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    A platform built from scratch, incorporating the latest UX requirements and future-proofing your assessment solutions from the start
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    Modern functionality in technology, scoring, and reports

Get ready for a brilliant experience for your participants

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