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Sound hiring and development decisions go beyond the right assessments — you need effective reports to interpret the data from your assessment solution and help you make the best possible decision.

Reports contain a lot of important details, but they can be overwhelming. The best reports simplify complex scoring and outcomes into easy-to-understand results that are digestible by any audience. Our new generation reports offer this simplicity, whilst also providing detailed results to be available on demand. Modular, easily configurable and web-based. So you can focus on what is most important and dig deeper when necessary.

Our reports can be customized leveraging pre-built configurations or built from scratch. Providing you with exactly what you need to make the best talent decisions from the start and then help your employees thrive long term.

Targeted scoring for optimized prediction

  • Robust results based on millions of data points

  • Configured by leading talent experts

  • Targeted insights that power talent decisions

  • Easily interpreted through our flexible reports

Reporting that is modern and intuitive

Our next generation digital reporting capabilities deliver a modern and interactive reporting experience to users. This state-of-the-art reporting provides a new level of responsiveness in our ability to customize reports as your needs evolve, even with the ability to combine results from multiple assessments into a single report.

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Understand trends through dashboards

Individual assessment results can provide great insights into your participants. But when you want to understand the bigger picture, our solution dashboards are a must. Dynamic in nature, they allow you to get the insights you need: From visualizing high level trends to diving deeper for interesting nuances. Talogy dashboards give you access to all the insights your assessment data has to offer.

  • Analyze group data – from teams and cohorts to the wider organization
  • View your data from different angles to uncover new insights
  • Understand prevalence of unwanted biases like adverse impact
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We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


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    Reports that focus on the essentials so you can make informed decisions
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    Backed by big volumes of data and research
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    Dedicated experts that help you configure each report to ensure it fits your needs


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    A great digital experience across all devices
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    Easy to interpret and simple to use
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    Modern functionality in technology, scoring, and reports

Let data help you decide

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