Healthcare talent solutions

Ensure quality patient care isn’t left up to chance. Use Talogy’s blend of psychology expertise paired with advanced technology to make the most effective healthcare talent and development decisions.

We understand healthcare talent management

In today’s complex healthcare environment, the quality of your healthcare providers and administrative staff directly affects patient experience. We can craft solutions for the talent issues that are specific to healthcare — especially in light of the experience we’ve gained through transformative challenges like the public health crisis of 2020. 

That’s because we understand healthcare talent management. Our consultants have been advising healthcare organizations for decades, and we’ve designed our solutions and resources for all types of healthcare providers. 

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We are leaders in healthcare talent acquisition and development

We understand the distinctive values of the healthcare industry, and we’re familiar with the challenges you face every day. Our experts are deeply embedded in the healthcare industry to better anticipate who and what your organization needs to be more successful.

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Common healthcare positions
  • Nurses

  • Physicians

  • Frontline staff

  • Managers & Supervisors

  • Allied health

  • IT professionals

With Talogy, we know the people we hire, in their everyday lives, are putting patients and families first and truly care about making a difference in the lives of kids.

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Why Talogy

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.

We bring together the power of psychology and technology to create solutions tailored to the unique talent challenges individual healthcare organizations face. With continuous research and validation work by leading healthcare assessment science experts, we customize talent management solutions from start to finish. 

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The future of healthcare is now. Learn how Talogy can help you configure the right talent solution today.