Entry-level hiring: How to select early career talent

Evaluating entry-level candidates requires measuring potential and fit rather than experience.

Attract and select the best entry-level hires

It can be difficult to fill entry-level roles with early career candidates who likely have limited experience. Investing in early talent can feel like a gamble. How do you know which candidates have the highest potential? How do you evaluate a candidate with no past experience in the job? What are you supposed to measure?

In often dense candidate pools filled with people looking to start their careers, tailoring your selection process to focus on potential is key.

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Our top 5 tips for successful entry-level hiring

    Check your criteria

    Look closely at the job description you’re hiring for to determine what is required for success in the role. Is that criteria fair and achievable for early talent? Following a standardized process that is measuring the critical components for successful job performance can help ensure you’re selecting the best talent for that role.

    Evaluate for potential and fit, not experience

    Entry-level candidates usually have limited experience. High potential candidates may be screened out of the process if you’re only looking at and measuring past experience. Instead, find an assessment solution that allows you to predict performance by evaluating fit to the demands of the job role.

    Improve diversity by focusing on the attributes that lead to success

    Using selection procedures that focus on past experience has led to problems with diversity and fairness. When hiring is based on experience, candidates who have had access to that experience are favored — contributing to inequality across other groups. Focusing on the attributes that actually determine success on the job allows for a fairer evaluation of potential rather than access.

    Showcase the best of your organization

    The reality of hiring from a pool of early career candidates is you have a lot of competition. Today’s early talent is highly sought after by many organizations, and they may be evaluating several options at once. Stand out by showing candidates the best of your organization — and how you can help enhance their future career. Your selection process should communicate your values and make early career candidates want to work for you.

    Communicate with candidates

    Candidates want to be evaluated by another human, not a machine. Sometimes the easiest, but most overlooked, way to keep a candidate engaged in your selection process is to simply communicate. Tell them what to expect from the process and how to get to each next step along the way.


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Since initiating the design of the exercises, Talogy have been great to work with … The quality of the exercises is excellent and really reflects our organization’s values — and all this was delivered well ahead of schedule.

Rachel Rotherham

Graduate Program Manager, The Co-operative Group

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