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Transform manufacturing talent management decisions

Talent solutions for manufacturing organizations have to address a variety of complex and unique challenges, from navigating the growing skills gap and securing the right candidates, to increasing productivity and reducing turnover. Talogy’s manufacturing solutions combine the largest database of manufacturing-specific content globally and decades of proven experience to help you solve these challenges.

Our manufacturing assessment solutions come with clear, concise, and intuitive reporting to help you make better-informed talent decisions. This is especially crucial in recruiting and hiring manufacturing employees who are the best match for your operational workforce, likely to succeed in their roles, and will stay and thrive within your organization.

Whether you are hiring or developing skilled hourly workers, line leaders, or supervisors, Talogy’s data-driven manufacturing talent management solutions are scalable, efficient, and easy to implement. We provide a combination of off-the-shelf manufacturing assessments and customized solutions to meet all your needs for talent management in the manufacturing industry.

Talogy knows manufacturing

    Extensive industry experience and expertise in manufacturing assessments

    After partnering with over 750 clients in the industry, Talogy’s manufacturing assessments have been delivered to over 52 million applicants across the industry. Let our experience help your organization drive results that matter.

    Business outcomes that grow the bottom line

    Talogy understands how to achieve organizational success with manufacturing assessments. After working with our team of experts, our clients have experienced:

    61% reduction in tardiness
    68% fewer unexcused or unscheduled absences
    76% reduction in overall performance issues
    10-15% increase in the quality of work

    Largest database of manufacturing-specific content globally

    Leveraging decades of assessment data assembled over multiple decades, Talogy’s global content library is equipped to meet every client’s unique needs. Build the right solutions with content that is relevant and fully configurable to help you hire and retain high-quality manufacturing talent. Access unique manufacturing assessment content, including safety measurement tools and custom knowledge testing. Streamline your hiring process to accurately assess both a candidates’ soft and technical/hard skills, as well as problem-solving abilities to ensure your organization finds the best candidates for various operational roles within manufacturing.

    Highly engaging and innovative candidate experience for manufacturing employees

    Talogy’s engaging assessments for screening manufacturing talent yield a 96% completion rate and are mobile-optimized , providing a frictionless candidate experience. In addition to hands-on assessment exercises that evaluate candidate motor skills, clients benefit from production simulations that offer realistic predictions of on-the-job success. Clients also value the seamless integration process with third-party Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


Manufacturing talent solutions to address your challenges

Master efficient hiring

To streamline the screening of a large volume of candidates, you must implement a highly efficient manufacturing hiring process to measure risk factors among different candidates and across a range of manufacturing roles. Talogy’s tools will help your organization:

  • Screen out high-risk candidates
  • Increase assessment completion rates
  • Implement scalable and easy- to-use solutions
  • Administer quick online manufacturing assessments
  • Leverage actionable insights through reporting with practical recommendations
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Hire best-fit manufacturing employees

Achieve hiring accuracy by using data-driven assessment systems to identify the right candidates. While it is always a priority to select the person who is the best fit for the job, it becomes particularly critical in a tight labor market. Talogy’s manufacturing talent management solutions are proven to:

  • Retain more skilled manufacturing employees
  • Meet organizational needs through easily configured solutions
  • Measure role-specific competencies to focus on practical ability and custom knowledge
  • Identify soft skills needed to succeed in operational roles and bridge the skills gap
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Build a productive workforce

Predict on-the-job performance by measuring critical success competencies to identify manufacturing employees who will be productive, hardworking, and safe. We help your organization achieve this through the administration of:

  • Integrated solutions spanning selection through development
  • Simulations and other tools that measure productive behaviors
  • Measurements of candidates’ aptitude to determine if a person will succeed in a role
  • Modules that identify strengths and weaknesses to inform effective development

Supporting organizations beyond manufacturing hiring

Hiring the best employees for your organization is only part of the talent management journey. We can help in all facets of the manufacturing employee lifecycle to ensure your employees are reaching their fullest potential, whether it concerns your operational workforce or your managers and leaders.

  • Safety: Optimize safety in your organization and among your leaders. Our comprehensive suite of manufacturing solutions helps you understand the psychological components of your workers’ safety behaviors and develop a safer workforce across all levels.
  • Development: Measure individual management or supervisory skills and abilities by assessing personality, logical reasoning, and situational judgment for internal performance evaluation.
  • Leadership: Identify the skills and abilities needed for success by utilizing manufacturing tests to assess the key competency areas for leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Proven expertise in manufacturing talent management

“Talogy’s screening tools allow us to focus on the best qualified candidates and not spend time processing candidates who do not meet the basic qualifications.” Amy Larson, Human Resources at Polaris

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Manufacturing assessment tools

Our suite of manufacturing assessment solutions feature a variety of interactive and engaging tools to measure risk factors and critical competencies of manufacturing employees. This helps manufacturing organizations create the perfect solutions to solve their toughest talent challenges. Below are key elements included in a selection assessment for manufacturing jobs, which are designed to ensure operational excellence, quality control, and the candidate’s competence in effectively contributing to the manufacturing process:

  • Production simulations
  • Situational judgment tests
  • Personal beliefs
  • Motivational fit
  • Biodata
  • Basic mechanical aptitude and reasoning
  • Acceptability
  • Basic math

Power of insight through next generation reporting

Our digital reporting capabilities deliver a modern and interactive reporting experience for talent management professionals in the manufacturing industry. This state-of-the-art reporting provides a holistic perspective of candidates with the ability to customize reports as your needs evolve. Whether you’re a hiring manager looking to measure a candidate’s fit or for a more detailed explanation of behaviors, our reports are customizable and scalable. These options make insights easy for all to interpret with the functionality to combine results from multiple manufacturing assessments into a single report, allowing you to display your branding through personalized styling choices.

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Improve your manufacturing hiring strategy to build a safe, reliable, and productive operational workforce with Talogy.

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