Improve organizational safety with SafetyDNA

Improve organizational safety with SafetyDNA

Improve organizational safety with SafetyDNA®

A suite of tools that helps identify and develop psychological factors related to safe behavior in the workplace.

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Optimize your safety culture

SafetyDNA® is Talogy’s proven safety development solution — built to optimize safety within your organization. The solution consists of a comprehensive suite of online and live tools that helps organizations understand the psychological components of their workers’ safety behaviors and develop a safer workforce.

Decades of research on workplace injuries reveal that there are four personal factors that consistently relate to safety behavior and the likelihood of being injured at work. These factors are not uniformly distributed across people. As a result, everyone has a unique safety profile. We refer to this unique profile as a person’s SafetyDNA.

SafetyDNA explores four critical factors:

  • Control: The extent to which you believe you control your actions and emotions
  • Awareness: How much you see and remember your surroundings, especially when doing multiple tasks
  • Rules: The degree to which you’re inclined to follow versus bend rules
  • Caution: The level of discomfort you feel with risk-taking

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Develop safer leaders

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Development Program is designed to help supervisors understand and leverage the psychological factors that are vital to strong leadership in environments where safety is a key responsibility.

SafetyDNA® for Leaders is filled with interactive simulations, exercises, and activities that reveal the leader’s unique safety leadership profile. The core of the development solution is the online SafetyDNA® for Leaders assessment. This 90-minute assessment looks to understand the participant’s safety leadership profiles, based on Talogy’s LEAD model:

  • Lays out a vision: Clear, personal, and motivating
  • Embraces change: Drives change by involving others
  • Acts as coach: Actively listens and provides feedback
  • Demonstrates credibility: Walks the talk, holds everyone accountable

SafetyDNA helps you: 

  • Hire safer employees
  • Develop effective and committed safety leaders
  • Provide employees with targeted coaching to improve safety behaviors
  • Build a stronger and more sustainable safety culture
  • Reduce safety incidents and prevent serious injuries and fatalities

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Why SafetyDNA

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


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    Promote understanding of personal safety:

    A quick assessment is followed by a workshop — in person or online — that facilitates understanding of personal safety blind spots and how to adapt behavior to improve personal safety.

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    Screen to align to your zero-harm goals:

    By aligning your organization’s hiring process with your zero-harm goals, your company can proactively reduce exposure to risk at the earliest stage.

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    Develop your safety culture – and make it last:

    Our tried and tested Personal Safety Development Program and SafetyDNA for Leaders Development Program have been used in some of the world’s most high-risk industries — such as construction, petrochemicals, and mining. That’s how you know our programs really do move the needle.


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    Apply learning — and retain it:

    Our powerful adaptive learning platform uses science, personalization, and game mechanics to reinforce and apply training information.

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    Go virtual:

    Assessments and reports are user-friendly, engaging, and able to be delivered fully remotely.

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    Access powerful data analytics:

    Results are displayed in easy-to-understand, development-focused reports that help you make sense of the data.

What you need to know about SafetyDNA

  • Assessment can be combined with training, workshops, and coaching
  • Questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • Available for leaders and individual employees
  • Validated, highly predictive, and adheres to the strictest professional and legal guidelines

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I think the SafetyDNA program has been a great fit for us. It’s helped us answer a gap that we’ve had. I’m glad we did it and recommend that others consider it.


EHS Director, Novelis North America