Set organizational tone with the Leadership Climate Indicator 

Set organizational tone with the Leadership Climate Indicator 

Set organizational tone with the Leadership Climate Indicator

Exploring emotional intelligence at an organizational level gives you crucial diagnostic information to inform strategic initiatives such as culture shifts or change management.

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Explore the emotional intelligence of your organization

Drawing upon our expertise as global leaders in applied emotional intelligence in the workplace , the Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI) provides answers to two key questions: “How does it feel to work around here?” and “How does it feel to be led by you?”

Measuring and developing the climate created by leaders in an organization is invaluable, as a positive workplace climate leads to higher performance, engagement, and well-being. When leaders exhibit “thrive” behaviors, they generate a positive climate where people feel inspired, motivated, and challenged to move out of their comfort zones and perform at their best. Leadership climate is a simple and efficient way to understand how the tone set by an organization’s leaders is felt throughout the company.

Leadership Climate Indicator helps you to:

  • Identify leadership behaviors that are either contributing to or hindering high performance
  • Cultivate a leadership climate that creates a culture of sustainable high performance
  • Provide leaders with feedback about the climate they create
  • Enable individual leaders and leadership teams to identify the impact they have on their employees
  • Enhance employee engagement, openness, and trust
  • Facilitate targeted leadership development strategies

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Why Leadership Climate Indicator?

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


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    Assess your current leadership climate:

    Get a snapshot diagnosis of how the current leadership climate is perceived and experienced by your employees.

  • an
    Compare benchmarks:

    Access qualitative data from respondents and benchmark comparisons against other leaders and organizations.


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    Utilize powerful reports:

    With two in-depth reports, you can show individual leaders the climate they personally create while also understanding the climate created collectively by the leadership team.

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    Make it easy for participants:

    An easy-to-complete, anonymous questionnaire enhances user experience.

What you need to know about the Leadership Climate Indicator test

  • Recommended completion time of 15 minutes
  • 54 questionnaire items with 3 qualitative feedback questions
  • Public, private, not-for-profit, and other sector norm groups available
  • Accreditation required

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Keyline Decoration
Measures 12 aspects of leadership climate vital for employee and organizational performance. These are divided into:
  • 6 scales across 2 positive quadrants – Inspiring and Including

  • 6 scales across 2 negative quadrants – Controlling and Withdrawing

Talogy created a safe environment where we could explore current ways of working. They encouraged us to challenge ourselves and each other to drive greater team collaboration and effectiveness and move forward in a very real and tangible way.

Rachel McNee

Head of HR, first direct