Make strategic talent decisions with Talogy Caliper™, previously Caliper Profile

Make strategic talent decisions with Talogy Caliper™ (previously Caliper Profile)

Predict potential and drive performance for individuals, teams, and your organization through the Talogy Caliper personality assessment.

Talk to a Talogy Caliper expert today and start making talent management decisions that are best for your organization.

What is a Caliper assessment?

Talogy Caliper is a comprehensive personality assessment fuelled by data and analytics. Here is why you should use the Caliper assessment.

  • Understand your organization strengths and gaps
  • Hire the right professionals and leaders
  • Create insights for succession planning
  • Evaluate your bench strength
  • Identify high-potential employees
  • Develop your teams and future leaders for long-term effectiveness
  • Facilitate effective career pathing
  • Increase employee retention
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Talogy Caliper helped me determine what a Marlin top sales rep looks like, and since we began hiring from that model, our turnover has dropped from nearly 50% to 16%.

Ed Siciliano

Chief Sales Officer, Marlin Leasing

Drive performance with Talogy Caliper, previously known as Caliper Profile

Transform your hiring or talent development processes by utilizing scientifically-validated, data-driven personality assessment to predict potential and drive organizational success. You can add the following powerful components to the Caliper assessment to help make strategic talent decisions.

    Extended reporting suite

    Move beyond the standard reporting through a range of robust deep-dive reports for selection and team development.

    Talent analytics

    Identify trends and spikes in your talent data to create a data-informed basis for strategic talent decisions.

    Debrief consultations

    Run expert-led conversations with participants to help them convert Talogy Caliper insights into development actions.

    360 feedback

    Use 360 feedback to identify an individual’s strengths and development areas for a powerful kick-start to sustainable development.


    Create in-house Caliper assessment experts to effectively drive talent management decisions in your organization.


Leverage the power of objective data through personality assessments

From succession planning and building effective teams, to selection and development for your critical roles; Talogy Caliper testing makes it easy to truly understand your people and their competencies and motivators.

With this comprehensive personality assessment fuelled by data and analytics, you get to really understand strengths and skill gaps for your individual employees, teams, and even entire business units. Trust Talogy Caliper to guide your talent management strategy with insight, precision, and the assurance that you’re making the right moves.

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Before we used Caliper [assessments], hiring was hit and miss, but now we have a scientific approach. Because of that, we have seen our turnover decrease by over 50%.

Kevin Obarski

Global Sales, TransPerfect Translations

Uniquely Caliper

Talogy Caliper personality assessment, previously known as Caliper Profile, uses unique ways of presenting data to our clients to make hiring and development decisions as easy as possible.

  • Powerful analytics for data-based strategic talent decision making.
  • Role-specific output through research-based job models.
  • Wide library of in-depth reports, helping you truly understand participants.
  • Guidance throughout, with powerful reports and expert-led debrief consultations.

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A comprehensive job model library

Our wide range of research-based, competency based success profiles allow you to focus on essential success criteria for specific roles (like sales or management) or industries (like insurance and finance). All job models are rooted in the Talogy Caliper competency framework and can be selected as the basis for your reporting, so you can quickly see how your participants stack up against the ideal success profile.

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Explore our 56 job models
Compliance ManagerAccount DevelopmentAdministrativeAnalystEducator
ComplianceAccount ServiceSupportDocumentHR Generalist
Corporate QualityAgency RecruiterBank TellerSpecialistRemote Worker
ManagerConsultative SellingClient ServiceFinancial Advisor
Corporate SupervisorCorporate RecruiterSpecialistHealth Information
Crisis and RecoveryNew BusinessCustomer ServiceTechnician
LeadershipDevelopmentRepresentativeInsurance Adjuster
ForemanProducerGeneral WorkforceInsurance Examiner
FranchiseeSales – HunterProcessing SpecialistInvestment Fund
HR LeaderStrategic SellingService AssociateManager
Marketing LeaderTechnical SalesIT Support Specialist
Marketing ManagerOperator
Mid-Level ManagerPurchasing Agent
Nurse ManagerTechnical Design
Operations LeaderSpecialist
Physician LeaderTechnician
Production Supervisor
Project Manager
Remote Manager
Sales Manager
Quality Manager
Senior Leader
Service Leader
Service Manager
Service Supervisor