Prédire les performances avec le Profil Caliper

Prédire les performances avec le Profil Caliper

Predict performance with the Caliper Profile

Measure an individual’s personality characteristics and motivations to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential.

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Assess personality to transform your business

When leaders are empowered with a deep understanding of personality, they can develop individuals and transform their business. Caliper does this by leveraging decades of personality and performance data that is unparalleled in the employee assessment industry. Let us help you select, coach, and develop your workforce.

Once an applicant or employee takes the Caliper Profile, their results are measured against one or more validated job models. Managers can easily see how well the candidate fits into the desired job role. This information can also be used later in the development cycle to onboard the employee, provide direct feedback, offer ongoing coaching support, and even develop job skill.

Objective assessment throughout the talent lifecycle

  • Select: Leverage Caliper Profile data to hire the right people.
  • Coach and develop: Create a data-driven coaching and development culture that drives performance with the guidance of Caliper Profile insights.
  • Train and learn: Implement tailored skills-based training and employee development to maximize retention and increase employee engagement.


Why Caliper Profile

Talogy’s Caliper Profile is ideal for small- to medium-sized organizations in need of a simple-to-use solution that can screen for top talent and develop your teams while driving organizational growth along the way. It combines the power of psychology and technology to deliver results — fast.


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    Harness accurate prediction rooted in science:

    Caliper Profile accurately predicts workplace behavior and future job performance.

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    Personalize to your audience:

    Get immediate access to custom reports for the hiring manager, human resource professional, or the employee.

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    Feel secure with best-in-industry validity:

    Scientifically validated by more than six decades of research and continuously monitored for adverse impact.


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    Access powerful analytics:

    Manage all your talent data on one dashboard.

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    Streamline your process:

    One mobile-friendly assessment for all the reports you need.

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    Learn online anywhere:

    Get certified so you are equipped to make better hiring decisions and deliver impactful development yourself.

What you need to know about Caliper Profile

  • Over 6 million people assessed at 65,400 companies
  • 46,700 yearly assessment consultations
  • Average of 60 minutes to complete
  • Available in 27 languages

Keyline Decoration
  • 280 behaviors

  • 56 competencies

  • 56 validated job models

  • 21 personality traits + abstract reasoning

Before we used Caliper, hiring was hit and miss, but now we have a scientific approach. Because of that, we have seen our turnover decrease by over 50%.

Kevin Obarski

SVP, Global Sales, TransPerfect Translations