Engaging and retaining talent

Neglecting to engage your top performing employees can lead to a lower retention rate.

How engagement leads to talent retention

A challenge many organisations face is talent retention. You put a lot of effort into the hiring process to select people who possess high performance potential, only to have those people leave after a short time with the company. The result is a lot of wasted money, time, and effort. And you’re further away from your organisational goals.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to a high turnover rate, but what you may be overlooking is the amount of engagement you foster in your new hires once they’re in the job. In everything from onboarding to annual reviews, you should be working to enhance the relationship between your employee and your organisation. When you focus your development programmes on building commitment, you might find higher retention in your top talent.


Our top 5 tips for engaging talent

    Understand what employee engagement is

    Engagement refers to the connection your employees have with the organisation. Employees with a stronger connection are more passionate about their job, more likely to be productive, more likely to be an advocate for the company, and less likely to leave.

    Define your organisational purpose

    Clearly defined values and organisational purpose go a long way towards high employee engagement. Make sure your employees feel like they are working with you towards a common goal. They are more likely to be interested in a long-term working relationship with you if they feel their values are aligned with those of the organisation.

    Give your employees a voice

    Your employees want to know they are valued. So, ask them for their input and then act on their suggestions. Get to know them. Demonstrate true interest in who they are and recognise them for what they’re doing well. Employees who feel like their thoughts and opinions matter are more likely to be invested in their jobs and in the organisation.

    Consider job design

    Make sure the job roles within your organisation are significant to your overall goal or purpose. Employees want to know they’re making an impact and the work they’re doing has value. Build in a development plan for each role that includes training, opportunities to acquire new skills, and the ability to give and receive feedback.

    Look at retention from multiple angles

    There is no single answer to a talent retention issue. Working on improving employee engagement can certainly help, but it’s not a quick fix. Look at everything including external factors, availability of talent in the labour market, and how you’re structuring your selection process to bring in the right candidates. Retention should be addressed from multiple angles.


Proven expertise in engaging and retaining talent

  • Marlin Leasing reached a retention rate of 84%

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The Caliper Profile helped me determine what a Marlin top sales rep looks like, and since we began hiring from that model, our turnover has dropped from nearly 50% to 16%.

Ed Siciliano

Chief Sales Officer, Marlin Leasing

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