Emotional Intelligence Profile helps people thrive at work

Emotional Intelligence Profile helps people thrive at work

Emotional Intelligence Profile helps people thrive at work

Enhancing the performance of individuals and leaders. Creating sustainable change that drives business results.

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How emotional intelligence predicts job performance

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective — it’s the missing link that turns personality into effective performance. EI directly relates to an individual’s effectiveness and performance at work, and it can be measured and developed. People higher in emotional intelligence demonstrate:

  • Higher job performance
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • More organizational commitment
  • Better psychological well-being
  • Positive leadership impact

Emotional Intelligence in action

Using EIP3 with your people and leaders will:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Support an open, collaborative, and trust-based culture
  • Build an emotionally resilient workforce
  • Develop a sustainable high-performance climate
  • Transform the interpersonal skills of technical experts
  • Focus talent development on the leadership qualities critical for future success



‘Our CEO and our CPO had full belief that using the Talogy suite of tools would allow us to trickle climate change right through our full organization. Having Emotional Intelligence at the core allowed our senior executives and senior management team to truly understand self’ – Alan Mulvey, Head of Group Leadership Coaching, daa

Why EIP3

We’re not psychology or technology —
we’re an alloy of both.


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    Create sustainable change:

    Blending practical psychology, modern neuroscience, and world-class reporting, the EIP3 provides powerful insight for personal development.

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    Demonstrate proven success:

    With over 25 years of research and validation, the Emotional Intelligence Profile has been used to support the growth of over 40,000 people.

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    Boost effectiveness at work:

    EIP3 increases understanding of emotional intelligence-related strengths and development needs, so your people can become more effective.


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    Simplify use:

    The online questionnaire is simple to complete, and reports are packed with actionable insights that enhance user experience.

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    Get accredited online:

    Our virtual training program equips you to thoroughly understand and build your confidence in using EI in the workplace.

What you need to know about EIP3

  • 25 minutes to complete
  • 158 statements
  • Available in 15+ languages
  • Accreditation required
  • Separate reports available for assessment and development
  • Measures 16 scales of emotional intelligence aggregated into a six-part framework

Talogy Emotional Intelligence Framework

To take us into the future, our leaders need to be more emotionally aware. Now that we have opened the door to emotional intelligence, people can see the value. It’s not tree-hugging — it has given our leaders the skills to be better, through an understanding of what they do and why they do it.

Paula Lindores

Head of Leadership Development, Skanska