The future of work: how to attract and recruit top talent

Written by Katherine Maynard, Consulting Director
Previously published by PSI Talent Management or Cubiks, prior to becoming Talogy.

As we emerge from what has undoubtedly been one of the biggest challenges our world has faced in recent times, we are now grappling with conflicting priorities as HR professionals. The pandemic itself has led to fundamental shifts in the labour market, with many people re-evaluating the role of work in their lives. As we adjust, recover, and rebuild, there are valuable lessons that can be learned by looking back on what helped us survive 2020 and by considering the fundamentals of talent management practice in the future world of work.

The core focus areas are not new to any of us, with organisations needing to:

  • Screen and select the right people to maximise productivity and profitability
  • Develop and engage employees to meet their potential and drive organic growth
  • Optimise the talent pipeline
  • Build leadership capability to overcome future challenges

It’s easy to lose sight of these goals now that we must do all of this while coming to grips with new hybrid working models, embracing new and different technologies, considering diversity and inclusion, and facing either an influx or a scarcity of talent.

So, how do you recruit the right candidates for now and for the future?

Start by asking yourself the following questions…

  • What enabled you to survive 2020?
  • If you knew then what you know now, what might you have done differently to future-proof your organisation?
  • With that in mind, what is going to be critical to your success as you rebuild and re-energise your business?

Based on our observations, today’s biggest recruitment challenges are skills shortages, the competitive marketplace, difficulty attracting top talent, rethinking the assessment process, and recruiting for DE&I. Additionally, some of the competencies that were once a necessity in the workplace have become obsolete. This clears the path for new competencies that employees should possess in this post-pandemic world.

We know this may sound like a daunting task, but we don’t want this to sound like it’s all doom and gloom! There is good news: these changes are not insurmountable.

As you reflect on these questions and the changing talent landscape, there are five areas that we believe are the key to successful recruitment in the future world of work. Download our webinar recording to find out what they are and how you can get a jump start on implementing these initiatives in your organisation.

The continuing importance of competencies

Make better talent decisions now and for the future.

Today’s world of work is marked by continuous change, presenting a significant challenge for organisations when recruiting and managing their most important resource: their people. Competencies provide a simple, clear, and observable way to measure performance and determine what good looks like in a job.

  • How do you know which competencies are important to focus on today?
  • How can you highlight key competencies for tomorrow’s workforce?
  • What’s the point? Are competencies still relevant?

Understand how a well-functioning, future-focused competency framework can provide clear, accurate insights for talent measurement – both for the current world of work, and for the changing demands of the future.

Find out how competencies are still critical to your recruitment strategy – download the white paper now.

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