Scaling development programs

How to sustain a successful development program through times of change

Why a scalable development program is critical

Don’t let development become stagnant. A growing organization (or an ever-changing world of work) means shifting goals and altering needs — all things your development program needs to be able to keep up with.

Research shows great development programs can help foster engagement in employees, make them feel valued, and increase their performance and productivity. And once a successful development program has been established, it’s tempting to just let the program run itself. But as your organization grows or you go through some type of change, your development program may no longer be meeting the needs of your employees and your organizational goals.

As organizations experience change, challenges with collaboration and communication are often faced. New teams may be established. Job roles may be altered. The way in which people work may be disrupted. Having a team development process that can scale with you through these challenges is critical.

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Our top 5 tips for scaling your development program

    Be deliberate

    Decide exactly what you need from your development program. What do you need it to accomplish? Are you starting with just one section of your organization, or do you need the program to encompass all roles and levels immediately?

    Make development consistent and relevant

    You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to development. How do you have clarity, consistency, and continuity across all job roles within your development program while also ensuring the program is relevant to each individual? Some organizations start with leadership development, but then want to eventually expand the program to include development for employees at all levels. A scalable development program allows you to do that.

    Create a comprehensive and flexible competency framework

    To ensure consistency in your development program across job levels and roles, make sure you have a comprehensive competency framework that informs development for all. This means individual competencies like resilience and communication have the same definition and are measured in the same way for employees at different levels. And when flexibility and configurability is built into this framework, scaling your development efforts is easier than ever.

    Make learning personalized and easy

    While you might identify six competencies required for a particular role, not everyone will need development in the same areas. Personalize learning based on which competencies need improvement, by individual. And make sure learning is accessible, convenient, and consumable for everyone. Wherever and whenever they learn the best.

    Adjust to changes

    Big external workforce changes — like the major shift to remote work over the past few years — show how ready you need to be for the next disruption. Make sure your development program is flexible enough to carry you and your employees through whatever comes next.


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We were excited to utilize the AIM Blended Learning Solution System as the ‘capstone’ of our global safety leadership development process. We found real value in developing personalized learning journeys that are tailored to each individual’s unique skills gap, while providing our leaders valuable self-awareness and soft skills to improve safety. The 1-1 mentoring session videos and reinforcement webinars are particularly impactful for our leadership.

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