Leadership development programs

Strengthen and build people-focused, high-performing leaders across your organization.

Effective leaders that inspire their teams, lead change, and thrive in uncertainty are essential to organizational success. Finding the right leaders for your most critical positions can be difficult and costly – making the strength of your leadership pipeline a top priority. Whether preparing a first-time leader for a management role or increasing the impact of a C-Suite executive, Talogy leadership development programs can help you grow and retain top talent across your organization.

Why choose Talogy leadership development programs?

  • Actionable and measurable development programs – leveraging our broad portfolio of leadership assessment and development solutions to translate insights into actionable paths for leadership growth and transitions
  • Tailored to each level – programs focused on the expectations and responsibilities of first, mid, and senior-level leaders
  • Led by our global team of leadership development consulting experts – supporting you, your organization, and your leaders
  • Demonstrated, real-world leadership expertise – our diverse, expert team of psychologists, HR experts and business leaders understand what drives people and business results
  • Flexibility of ready-to-use or custom options – leadership development solutions to address your specific leadership needs
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Each leadership development program begins with you

Your leadership needs are unique to your business. We partner with you to understand your organization, strategy, and goals to align leadership development programs to your specific challenges. Combining behavioral science and real-world experience, our global team of leadership development consulting experts work alongside you to create and implement relevant programs that support leaders and business objectives.

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Science-backed, actionable insights for sustainable change

Our leadership development solutions and programs are designed around our formula for sustainable behavior change. Our approach is to provide participants with deep learning experiences – taking them out of their day-to-day to help them focus, understand, and action insights​.

Talogy’s leadership development program formula
talogy leadership development program formula

Talogy’s leadership development programs meet participants where they are, focusing as much on the leader’s behavior as what drives their behavior – to help leaders understand who they are and why they lead to impact how they lead. Each program centers around leadership identity and Emotional Intelligence (EI), reflecting our view that effective leadership comes from who you are combined with your ability to self-manage and relate to others. With a foundation in diagnostics, our programs integrate leadership assessments to provide insight and awareness for learners, focusing on strength and development areas to deliver data-driven development paths for leadership success.

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Empower leaders at every level

Designed to develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors essential for leaders to navigate current and future challenges, Talogy InView Leadership development programs equip tomorrow’s leaders. Reflecting the challenges and the ‘jobs to be done’ at first, mid, and senior-level leadership, our programs for leadership development prepare individuals to authentically and effectively lead their teams.

First-level leadership development programs

Focused on potential, new, or experienced first-level leaders and the foundations of leadership effectiveness.

Develop first-level leaders who:

  • Create a positive, high-performing environment that optimizes employee talent and potential
  • Inspire and motivate diverse teams
  • Ensure change is embedded
  • Innovate and leverage their team’s talent and creativity to respond to changing needs
  • Coach and develop others to maximize performance, retain talent, and build engagement
Mid-level leadership development programs

Targeted for leaders who have been in a role for some time and need development, or leaders identified as having potential for mid-level roles.

Develop mid-level leaders who:

  • Manage multiple stakeholder expectations to deliver organizational goals
  • Navigate conflicting pressures and demands and step back from the day-to-day to support and enable frontline leaders
  • Encourage experimentation by creating a ‘safe to innovate’ environment
  • Provide consistent leadership and remain resilient in the face of challenge and stress
  • Continue to hone and develop their leadership skills
Senior leadership development programs

Designed for senior leaders or leaders with potential to advance into a senior-level role

Develop senior leaders who:

  • Communicate and instill a compelling purpose
  • Empower others and enable a culture of continuous improvement and creativity
  • Take accountability for and communicate unpopular decisions with care and understanding
  • Develop and nurture strong professional relationships, fostering collaboration and trust
  • Act as external ambassadors

Talogy provides leadership development solutions and services to build, grow, and retain capable, future-ready leaders across your business. With an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, our leadership development programs at each level help organizations establish an open and trust-based leadership culture – resulting in a more resilient and engaged workforce.

We asked for the EI development program because we needed our leadership team to further strengthen their ability to make good decisions, improve their work as a collaborative team, effectively adjust to increased stress related to COVID and embrace continuous change in a positive and effective way. These were our expectations from the EI program, and they were fully met – even exceeded in several cases.

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Europe Bureau Chief, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

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