Building a diverse and inclusive workplace

Previously published by PSI Talent Management or Cubiks, prior to becoming Talogy.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

– Verna Myers

Diversity and social justice are reaching new levels within social consciousness and are beginning to significantly influence business decisions. They have also become important factors in how employees and candidates evaluate the attractiveness of employers.

It is no longer fresh insight that companies that focus on fairness and take steps to embrace diversity and inclusion have a better chance of attracting and retaining top talent. And, research has shown positive business outcomes for organizations with diverse workforces, especially those with diversity within their leadership teams.

Diversity and inclusion bring quantifiable impact. Research shows that the business advantages of inclusion are:

  • 39% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 22% increase in productivity
  • 27% increase in profitability
  • 22% decrease in employee turnover

Organizations with inclusive leaders are 70% more likely ​to have captured a new market in the past 12 months.​

Our approach

For D&I interventions to be truly effective, a focus on both people and processes is needed. Only then can systemic bias and inequity be removed in all talent programs, practices, policies, and protocols. Our approach for supporting organizations with these process changes is underpinned by five core principles:

Global perspective

Thinking about cultural nuances all around the world.

Personal insight

Providing individuals with personalized information about their underlying characteristics that lead to inclusive behaviors.

Integrated approach

Taking a holistic, integrated approach to building an inclusive culture – that starts at the top.

Role modeling

Using allyship as a framework to inclusive leadership development and behavior modeling across the organization to effect change.


Showing commitment to action by setting goals and measuring progress.

Our solutions

The concepts of diversity and inclusion have always underpinned everything we do: striving for equal opportunities and embracing differences is in our DNA as organizational psychologists. This means every time we design or use an assessment, or build a talent process, diversity and fairness are our goals. For you, this means absolute confidence that you’re hiring and developing your workforce with D&I at the heart of your processes.


Capture‍‍, our innovative and highly visual assessment, evaluates how well candidates’ values align to your organizational values. Specialized Diversity and Inclusion values within Capture mean you can target a more diverse applicant pool.


Use our unique tool, Talogy Perceptions, to measure behaviors that underpin an individual’s capacity to behave fairly, inclusively, and respectfully. We can support your selection processes with expertise in Adverse Impact Analysis, Assessor Training, and Competency Design.

Development for all

Our ground-breaking D&I development programs bring lasting behavioral change and can be delivered to suit via coaching, workshops, or webinars. In addition, the Talogy Perceptions tool gives you the language to understand and identify an individual’s capability of working fairly.

Development for leaders

Whether you are setting out on your D&I journey, or have made great strides, our Inclusive Leader Solutions cover both individual learning and wider organizational learning via the 360 process‍‍ and tailored coaching.

Building better organizations through inclusive leadership

The topic of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is an area of emphasis for many organizations right now.

Organizations that have been successful at creating sustainable change in D&I have had strong commitment, and action, among their leadership.

In this whitepaper, you will learn about the role that leaders play in creating an inclusive culture, one that strives to create allies, or champions for diversity, as well as the leadership competencies and characteristics that contribute to inclusive behavior and climate.

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