Wales Fire and Rescue Service

SIFT for firefighters

The ‘Whole of Wales’ is a combination of all three fire & rescue services (FRS) in Wales: South Wales, North Wales and Mid-West Wales. Between them they cover approximately 21,000 sq. km. and a population of over 3 million.

The challenge


These FRS had last recruited firefighters in 2012 and were concerned about the number of applicants they would receive in their 2015 campaign. This was the first time they had run a combined campaign for all three services.

The results


  • Estimated saving of £49,000 in staffing costs.
  • Reduced the cost per application from £8.66 to £0.36.
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The application stage is traditionally the biggest challenge on a campaign of this size involving large teams checking and shortlisting, but using the new sifting tool [SIFT™] we only needed a team of three people saving us 203 working days! The cost to process an application has gone from £8.66 to £0.36 when we look at the human resources involved! We simply can’t afford not to use SIFT going forward.

Gillian Goss

HR Manager Recruitment & Assessment