Creating a resilient and adaptable culture

Invest in your employees’ well-being to enhance performance and prevent burnout

The importance of investing in employee well-being

Change is a constant challenge for all organisations. But the pace at which organisations go through change today is a challenge many have not faced before. Whether you’re reacting to pressure from an external event or adjusting to increased digitalisation or globalisation, this quickening pace can have a major impact on the well-being of your employees.

Many people don’t like uncertainty. Some may find it difficult to cope, adapt and remain resilient in the face of ambiguity and pressure. You may see higher incidents of burnout and exacerbated levels of stress.

Change can turn out to be positive in the end, if done right. And doing it right requires more resources. You need to support your employees through change if you want them to adapt well. Investing in your employees’ well-being can lead to positive outcomes like better performance, less turnover, more agility as an organisation and higher engagement with a sense of purpose.


Our top 5 tips for helping your employees be more resilient

    Start with your leaders

    The first people you need to convey the importance of well-being to are your leaders. Explain the benefits of investing in and focusing on well-being: better performance, increased productivity and better adaptability, among other positive outcomes. Your leaders need to understand the importance because they will be the ones to lead the development of these soft skills.

    Develop emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to understand and manage their emotions effectively. Develop emotional intelligence in your leaders and employees to increase their performance, improve their psychological well-being and grow their resilience in the face of change.

    Build self-awareness

    Not only are you trying to build a culture of resilient employees, but you’re also trying to build a culture that supports those employees. This is where self-awareness training comes in. Include self-awareness in your competency framework. Find ways to help your employees (especially those at the leadership level) become more aware of how their actions and behaviours contribute to the culture of your organisation.

    Facilitate a psychologically safe environment

    To become more adaptable and resilient, your employees need to know they have the space to do so in a psychologically safe environment. Give them a place where they feel like they can be nurtured and take the time and space they need to focus on their well-being.

    Provide the right development tools

    It’s not enough to just say you care about your employees’ well-being. You need to provide the tools and resources they need to preserve well-being and develop attributes like resilience, self-awareness and adaptability. Find a way to work these into your development programme with science-backed assessments and development tools.


Proven expertise in cultivating resilience

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Talogy created a safe environment where we could explore current ways of working. They encouraged us to challenge ourselves and each other to drive greater team collaboration and effectiveness and move forward in a very real and tangible way.

Rachel McNee

Head of HR, first direct

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