Kickstart development with Talogy 360

Kickstart development with Talogy 360

Valuable feedback for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.

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A powerful tool for organisation-wide development

The Talogy 360 suite includes flexible, engaging 360 Feedback solutions, providing employees, leaders and teams with a tangible starting point for development. Our 360 questionnaires can easily be tailored to your organisation’s needs and are administered through Talogy’s flexible online platform. So both participants and administrators can efficiently manage 360-degree feedback processes.

360 questionnaire results are presented in clear, concise and visually appealing reports – carefully designed to be easy to interpret and facilitate strong developmental conversations. Additionally, the reports combine feedback, development tips and a planning guide to give a solid basis for development and action plans.


Why Talogy 360

We’re not psychology or technology –
we’re a blend of both.


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    Get powerful insight for behaviour change:

    Clear, concise, and accessible feedback reports with content that is scientifically demonstrated to predict performance and leads to strong developmental conversations.

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    Create a better foundation for development:

    Our 360 solutions will give participants heightened awareness of their strengths, development areas and how their behaviour impacts others – providing the motivation to change.

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    Be confident with research-driven content:

    The content in all of our 360 solutions is written by expert psychologists who have extensive experience helping people with their professional development.


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    Build ultimate flexibility:

    Easy and quick configuration ensures the questions, rating scales, instructions and languages can be tailored to your organisational need and fit into your wider development process.

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    Mobile and user-friendly:

    Take advantage of an efficient and user-friendly experience for participants and raters on any device. Managers can also rate multiple people at once for ultimate efficiency.

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    Ensure easy group analysis:

    Interactive group dashboards facilitate analysis of team or group strengths and development areas.

What you need to know about Talogy 360

  • Standardised questionnaires for objective and comparable results
  • Effectiveness rated on a scale, providing both quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Available in up to 20 languages, ensuring global readiness
  • Feedback provided only on specific, observable behaviours to reduce bias
  • Training available for extended ‘expert’ report formats
  • Easily link to other assessments and solutions to complete your talent management process

Keyline Decoration
Ability to utilise Talogy’s expert content or create your own:
  • Off-the-shelf: Choose from our extensive library of competency-related questionnaire statements for immediate deployment.

  • Personalised: Map Talogy competencies against organisational competencies to reflect specific organizational nuances.

  • Custom: Build your organisation’s own competency framework into the 360 platform.

Being someone who has experience with a variety of talent assessments, I must say that this is the most relevant and rewarding thing I have done so far. The look and feel, the measures, and most of all the presentation of the results are just excellent. Considering how sensitive it can be to both give and receive feedback, Talogy has really succeeded in creating an impactful experience while maintaining a sense of security for the provider. The results also give clear insight into the gaps between your own view and your reviewees.

Anonymous Airline Pilot