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The Cabinet Office and Talogy win the 2023 RIDI Award for Inclusive Technology

The Cabinet Office Occupational Psychology Service and its technology partner, Talogy, have been awarded a Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative award.

The award, announced at an event in London on the 7th of December, demonstrates the very best of disability-confident recruitment in the workplace.

The Cabinet Office and Talogy received recognition for their exhaustive work to make the Civil Service talent assessment program inclusive and accessible for as many candidates as possible.

This is the second award that the partnership has won in the last month for our inclusive tech and consulting expertise, the first of which is the ABP Award for Excellence in Digital Technology.

What are they for?
The Occupational Psychology Service partnered with Talogy to produce psychometric tests and assessments for Civil Service Job applicants. These tests have significantly improved the overall efficiency of Government Recruitment Services by enabling hiring staff to make better-informed decisions.

Our experts say:
Paul Weldon, Head of Occupational Psychology Services, Government Recruitment Service, from The Civil Service, commented: “We’re incredibly proud to have won the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative award. This award reflects our dedication to making civil service talent assessment as inclusive and accessible for as many candidates as possible and reflects the hard work of all the colleagues involved from both within the Cabinet Office and also our partners, Talogy.”

Ali Shalfrooshan, Head of International Assessment R&D from Talogy commented: “RIDI is a truly inspirational organization with one purpose: to break down the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people who are entering or progressing through the job market. It is a true honor to be recognized, especially as there are so many great organizations doing great work. Promoting fairness is a value that we try to live by, and to be recognized in this way is incredible, and reflects our amazing partnership with the Cabinet Office.”

About The Cabinet Office
We support the Prime Minister and ensure the effective running of the government. We are also the corporate headquarters for government, in partnership with HM Treasury, and we take the lead in certain critical policy areas.

About Talogy
We are Talogy, assessors and developers of global talent. We craft solutions that screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide. By uniting the leading psychologists, data scientists, developers, and HR consultants we bring the power of psychology and technology together so you can make the best data-driven people decisions. With more than 30 million assessments delivered each year in more than 50 languages, we help clients discover organizational brilliance.

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