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Talogy launches new approach to leadership assessment and development

The world of work is changing at a pace previously unseen, and with that comes new expectations for leaders. These new expectations have turned leadership roles into more complex positions that are more impactful than they have ever been. Today’s leaders are required to be resilient and agile, to lead with compassion and humility, all while achieving results. Poor leadership can impact an organization in more ways than one, including employee turnover, ineffectiveness, and the inability to reach goals, while impactful leaders help to create a positive corporate culture and motivate their team to achieve at the highest level.

Our research has shown that while over 90% of employees and leaders felt effective leadership is important for organizational performance, only 55% of employees felt leadership in their organization was effective at the moment.

The new Talogy InView LeadershipTM approach and talent solutions strengthen organizations with a more agile, people-centric approach to selecting and cultivating future-ready leaders who connect people, purpose, and performance. Built upon the above-mentioned research of employees and leaders across the globe, we created the Talogy InView Leadership framework and solutions to help organizations hire, engage, develop, and retain top leadership talent. With Talogy’s consultative approach and suite of solutions, organizations of any size are able to build customized programs that develop impactful leaders who deliver results.

Key benefits:

  • Reflects the key qualities, skills, and behaviors for effective leadership in the modern-day world
  • Offers an integrated suite of solutions to assess and develop future-ready leaders
  • Delivers solutions at all leadership levels, enabling scaling across the organization
  • Enhances and empowers leader self-awareness and emotional intelligence throughout the process
  • Is underpinned by modern technology and expert insights to deliver actionable feedback for real-world results
  • Offers flexibility of ready-to-use, integrated solutions or a more tailored approach to enrich your current framework with the most up-to-date insights
  • Enables organizations of any size, from enterprise-wide to small businesses, to create the program that best serves their needs

“Talogy’s InView Leadership approach offers holistic insights and evidence-based recommendations supported by our 75-year history of leadership assessment and development experience. Our team has designed this framework and its solutions to assess and develop leaders to create sustainable change within organizational teams to withstand current challenges, exceed new expectations, and adapt to the continual changes we are seeing in the workplace. Our team of senior consultants expertly guide and tailor programs to the needs of our clients to best provide for each level of leadership in an organization,” said Stephen Tapp, Talogy CEO.

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