Talogy launches new 360 feedback suite to kickstart people development

Talogy has combined the strengths of their existing 360 tools to create a new, innovative, and fully customizable suite of 360 feedback solutions. Enabling organizations to harness the power of 360 feedback to deliver successful development programs at scale tailored to specific business needs.

November 15 – Glendale, CA – With 94% of workers stating they would stay with a company longer if it invested in their learning and development, Talogy has launched a clear, flexible suite of 360 degree solutions. Bringing together the best of 360 degree feedback drawn from Talogy’s extensive competency library and the latest technology – backed by decades of expertise.

Jon Gove, Managing R&D Consultant at Talogy, says, “As much as employees want learning and development, almost all large employers have seen in-house learning programs fail in the past five years. For the future success of their people and their organizations, HR and L&D teams need 360 feedback solutions to lay the solid foundations for actionable development. Whether it’s expanding knowledge, closing skills gaps, or identifying potential.”

Employee development increases engagement, enhances productivity, and leads to greater loyalty and retention. But without a clear picture about where individuals are now, development plans are unlikely to succeed. The new Talogy 360 suite addresses this with:

  • Numerous ways to create a personalized 360 experience
  • Intuitive, insightful, and actionable feedback reporting
  • Assessment and report available in multiple languages
  • Two types of 360 solutions, customizable and specialist

Customizable 360s combine a large library of content covering all 44 competencies of the comprehensive Talogy 360 Competency Framework. With total flexibility, content can be tailored to specific organizational requirements – quickly and efficiently.

Specialist 360s use fixed models based on in-demand options including leadership capability, inclusive leadership, leadership climate, and emotional development.

Jon Gove adds, “Talogy 360 perfectly reflects our new Talogy identity, bringing together the science of psychology and innovative technology.

“With Talogy 360, our clients enjoy an unparalleled level of flexibility to customize experiences for their people as they grow and develop. And organizations will benefit from newly developed feedback reports designed to be engaging and informative. We’re really excited to see the positive impact it will have in many peoples’ working lives.’’

To find out more about Talogy 360, visit Talogy.com.


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