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PSI Talent Management Launches the AIM Learning System, A New Approach to Blended Learning

Evidence-based blended learning solution enhances and accelerates training initiatives by focusing on the specific, underlying job-related competencies that make people more effective in their roles

August 3, 2021, Glendale, CA – PSI Talent Management today announces the launch of the the AIM Learning System‍‍, a flexible blended learning solution built to drive the most critical employee learning and development objectives in a hybrid world. The AIM Learning System is a scalable, job-related competency development program that leverages best practice learning principles to create personalized learning journeys for all employees, from first-time manager to senior leaders. Uniquely, the AIM Learning System provides bite-sized development content that includes talent assessments, e-learning modules, micro readings and videos, application activities, and instructor-led webinars.

PSI’s evidence-based blended learning solution is unique in that it helps organizations bridge the gap between talent acquisition and employee development by providing clarity, consistency, and continuity.

Key Benefits of the AIM Learning System include:

  • Adaptability to any stage of the talent life cycle, from selection to succession
  • Increased retention rates, enhanced employee productivity and engagement​, and improved business outcomes
  • Greater return on learning and development investment by leveraging solutions that work together


The AIM Learning System leverages PSI’s comprehensive competency framework, consisting of 44 fundamental and differentiating competencies that are essential in today’s occupational contexts. The system is configurable and has the flexibility to guide learning journeys for individuals or small cohorts and to meet today’s unique organizational learning and development needs.

“Understanding and sharpening the core skills needed to thrive in today’s world of work is the key to future-proofing organizational success,” said Brad Kendall, Senior Vice President of Talent Management, Americas at PSI. “Our team of psychologists has built this unique blended learning solution with today’s workplace in mind. From individual contributors to senior leaders, the program is designed to support professional development through bite-sized and distanced microlearning and help individuals and organizations achieve success in the new hybrid workplace.”


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