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PSI Talent Management Business Unit Starts 2021 with Strategic Acquisitions

Continued growth advances global strategy and offers expanded value to new and existing clients

March 17, 2021, Glendale, CA – The talent management business unit at PSI continues its pathway to becoming a global talent solutions company with expansion into strategic international markets. Today, PSI announces the acquisition of Human Scope‍‍ (Hong Kong/Greater China) and Ottmann Global Partners‍‍ (Germany), as well as the conversion of Caliper Singapore, Caliper Australia, and Caliper Canada into wholly owned entities.

With investment into these international markets, PSI adds key talent management leadership and assessment and development solutions to its portfolio and expands its reach in strategic regions. These acquisitions strengthen and deepen PSI’s existing teams, adding experienced and talented leaders to help continue the global growth.

Human Scope brings to PSI its strong reputation, established over 15 years, for delivering high-quality organizational psychology applications combined with a pragmatic client-focused approach. Based in Hong Kong, Human Scope currently delivers services across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

Ottmann Global Partners, whose services include leadership assessment, executive coaching, organizational development, and change management consulting, brings to PSI experienced consultants and a 25-year track record of delivering successful outcomes. Based in Germany, the acquisition expands PSI’s presence in Europe and beyond.

Following the acquisition of Caliper‍‍ at the end of 2019, PSI completed the acquisition of three international Caliper partner organizations that were jointly owned. As of January 2021, Caliper Australia, Caliper Singapore, and Caliper Canada became wholly owned by PSI. These acquisitions bring PSI strong leadership and increased footprint in the Asia Pacific and North American markets.

“All five acquisitions support our goals to continue expansion into key markets across the globe and add to PSI’s growing pool of experts and solutions,” commented Peter Celeste, President of Global Talent Management. “We’re very happy to not only be continuing to grow the organization globally but doing so while adding deep expertise in the talent assessment and development space, reaching a wider client base and allowing existing clients to unlock even greater value from our added capabilities.”

PSI’s clients can look forward to the client-centric approach of these organizations, complementing a core driving principle at PSI: helping people and organizations meet their potential.


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