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PSI Partners with Grad DNA for Mobile Assessments in The UK

PSI Talent Management partners with Grad DNA bringing leading assessment content to candidates through mobile-first technology to enhance candidate engagement and drive diversity in the applicant pool

October 11, 2017, London, UK – PSI Services LLC (PSI), the leading global technology-first talent management firm empowering organizations to select and develop talent, today announced a key strategic partnership with Grad DNA‍‍. Working together they offer organizations a way to bring leading assessment content to candidates through mobile- first technology, in a way that enhances candidate engagement and drives diversity in the applicant pool.

Mobile assessments are vital in today’s job market, with smartphones being the primary device for 16-24 year-olds to access the internet[1]‍‍. The natural choice for recruiters looking to target students and graduates is a mobile platform, and Grad DNA and PSI are working together to provide mobile-first solutions that are crafted to employer needs and cater for today’s digital native candidates.

Grad DNA’s app allows job seekers to take assessments on their smartphone and be matched to opportunities, at which point candidates can preview a job description and start their application, all within a few clicks. This technology opens up opportunities for employers to assess and sift candidates at the initial stage in more engaging ways for the candidate. Psychometric assessments that tap into different aspects of ability and personality are commonly used in first stage recruitment processes across many different sectors such as retail, utilities and finance.

Stephen Reilly, founder and director of Grad DNA says: “The science of psychometrics has always been proven but the method of delivery needs to move with the times and be tech first – the days of needing desktop computers and fixed line broadband have long gone. We have built a mobile app that allows companies the freedom to create an engaging experience for candidates tailored to the company’s values and brand, with all the rigor that’s expected from a well-considered recruitment experience. The app can contain the entire recruitment process, acting as the medium for communication between the company and the candidate from initial knowledge of a role, through the assessment and interview stages to job offer. Finding an assessment provider that has the expertise to understand what clients need and how to assess for fit-to-role in an engaging and fresh way wasn’t easy. I am so pleased to be working with PSI, whose ability to interpret clients’ needs for role requirements are second to none.”

Allowing job seekers to easily find and apply for jobs on mobile devices, while processing the high quantity of applications and quickly progressing quality candidates, is a must for all progressive employers.

Chris Small, VP International at PSI says: “Grad DNA’s technology, and PSI’s leading assessment content, is the perfect combination for employers to identify engaged and talented candidates, while offering job seekers an engaging and positive first step in the recruitment process, which in 2017 has to be delivered on a smartphone to deliver the best user experience. This is very much about giving organizations an assessment process that is fit for their organization and today’s ways of working. Not only does a mobile first solution ensure that it’s a super engaging experience, it also makes the whole process fairer, more accessible and guards against digital discrimination.”


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About Grad DNA
Grad DNA are experts in mobile assessment, using a unique app to deliver tests and match candidates to job roles. This innovative approach gives organisations an edge to engage with candidates and create brand value from the first touch.


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[1]‍‍ ⅔ of internet users aged 16-34 year olds regard their smartphone as their most important device for accessing the internet. The UK Communications Market: Internet and Online‍‍, 3 August, 2017.