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25 Years After Its Last Revision, PSI Services Publishes the PSI 16pf® Sixth Edition Assessment with Modernized Science and Technology

One year after acquisition, company updates world-renowned 70-year-old assessment tool

October 9, 2018, Glendale, CA – PSI Services LLC (PSI),‍‍ a leading provider of innovative human resources and talent management tools, today announces the publication of the new PSI 16pf® Sixth Edition‍‍ assessment on its PSI True Talent™‍‍ platform. This milestone marks only the sixth time the broadly acclaimed personality assessment tool has been revised in its rich 70-year history and is the first revision in 25 years, since the fifth edition of the 16pf Questionnaire was published in 1993.

The PSI 16pf Sixth Edition assessment is highly effective at revealing talent’s potential, confirming suitability for a position, and identifying development needs. Unlike many personality assessments designed for use in business, the PSI 16pf Sixth Edition establishes a fully-rounded picture of the whole individual, making it a vital roadmap for decision makers. More than 2,700 peer-reviewed research articles have authenticated the tool.

“Unique depth and breadth of insight combined with over 70 years of research has earned the 16pf Questionnaire international renown and respect,” said Chris Small, Vice President of talent management for PSI Services. “It can be a powerful means of gauging an individual’s work style and strengths, so organizations can separate the ‘great’ from the ‘good’ and help guide millennials into leadership positions to support strategic goals.”

Already one of the most widely recognized tools to assess personality, with a proven record of reliability and scientific validation, the PSI 16pf Sixth Edition leverages the latest emerging technologies and data science to enhance the user experience and insight accuracy.

Key updates were made to the PSI 16pf Sixth Edition assessment to significantly decrease administration time, modernize language usage and normative data, and improve test security – all while maintaining the predictive precision that thousands of companies worldwide have relied upon for decades. The PSI 16pf Sixth Edition also includes three new application-specific reports to help human capital professionals address their key needs such as candidate selection, competency-based interviewing, and employee development.

The PSI 16pf Sixth Edition is hosted exclusively on PSI True Talent™, a robust cloud-based hub that hosts PSI’s ecosystem of tech-enabled HR tools and more than 500 of the world’s top online assessments for hiring and development, all in one place. The PSI True Talent™ platform offers PSI 16pf users an enhanced mobile experience for test-takers and administrators, secure global cloud-based delivery, and the implementation of computer adaptive testing (CAT).

“The PSI 16pf Sixth Edition and PSI True Talent™ come together as solutions to common challenges that HR professionals face at each phase of the employee lifecycle,” said Small. “PSI True Talent™ is the next generation of PSI talent management technology and allows human capital departments to achieve their hiring and development objectives with innovative tools and one-click access to best-in-class assessment content that helps drive organizational performance, maximize potential, and strengthen their employer brand.”

PSI True Talent™ offers exceptional flexibility, enabling organizations to combine the PSI 16pf with other assessments from PSI’s catalog to develop customized content to fit their needs. PSI True Talent™’s versatility makes it possible for users to tailor an assessment to match candidates to specific roles and gauge their potential for success.

Powered by PSI True Talent™, the PSI 16pf Sixth Edition delivers objective, empirical measurement of the personality traits that enable organizations to select and develop the people who will help the organization thrive and succeed. By measuring 16 different primary personality characteristics structured around the “Big Five” global factors of personality, the questionnaire instills confidence in making the right selection decisions and development investments due to thorough validation and breadth of insight.

Businesses can take advantage of standard reports for selection and placement, onboarding, leadership development, career counseling, and more, as well as develop custom reports for specific roles within the organization. The questionnaire offers several administration formats and multiple scoring options, while the PSI True Talent™ platform makes it possible to brand the portal and reports with the organization’s look, feel, and logo.

PSI undertook the challenge of updating the 16pf Questionnaire when it gained ownership of the assessment with the acquisition of Performance Assessment Network (PAN) in 2017.

As a technology-first vendor, PSI constantly invests in the best technology to innovate and scale to organizations’ needs. Since 2015, PSI Services has joined forces with 14 pioneering testing and assessment companies throughout the U.S. and around the world.

PSI Services is the choice for SHRM’s Talent Assessment Center in the US, federal and government agencies, Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, and thousands of other organizations worldwide that require modern testing capabilities, secure technology, and outstanding support.


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