Sanoma Media Finland

Using EI to develop employees in a fast-paced environment

  • Industry: Media and advertising
  • HQ: Helsinki, Finland
  • Solution: EI-powered development program
  • Audience: Sanoma Media Finland

Working with Talogy has been inspiring, impactful and also a lot of fun! We value expertise, energy and commitment to mutual goals – Sanoma B2B and Talogy are a good fit in all three.

Paula Hernetkoski

Director, Strategic Sales Development, B2B


Sanoma Media Finland is part of Finland’s leading media house Sanoma. With more than 2000 employees, they deliver captivating news and entertainment content that reaches 97% of Finns every week. For advertisers, Sanoma Media Finland is a trusted partner with insight, impact and reach. In the fast-paced world of content creation and advertising, the organization’s workforce undertakes a wide variety of urgent tasks daily, requiring a highly motivated and collaborative team.  In 2021, Sanoma Media Finland initiated an organization-wide talent development program to help their employees to better manage their own motivation and emotions at work, and fostering collaboration. The program is designed to harness the workforce’s potential for a new growth phase marked by expanded service offering and value propositions. To achieve these strategic goals, they sought a talent development partner who could guide them through the process of building the program fundamentals – from prioritizing the right key competencies, to building the program content and implementation.

Sanoma Media first learned of Talogy through a trusted recommendation. Talogy’s team stood out from other possible partners thanks to a deep understanding of Sanoma’s needs and challenges, and working with a hands-on, practical approach combined with a proven track record.

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We understand that talent development is critical for Sanoma to realize their strategic goals. And we utilized our knowledge and expertise to help them build a program to achieve that exact objective.

Valtteri Lansimies

Talogy Country Manager, Finland


Development and implementation of the program – named “Marketing Partner of Choice” – was achieved through Talogy’s talent management solutions and consulting serviceswork consisted of three key steps:

  1. Competency selection: Talogy started by identifying and validating the key competencies that Sanoma Media Finland was looking to develop through several focus group workshops. The validated competency requirements then served as a foundation for the talent development program.
  2. Program design: Talogy then proceeded with competency modelling and program design. With a deep understanding of the client’s goal, the team designed a program powered by our robust emotional intelligence tool: Emotional Intelligence Profile 3 (EIP3). The evaluations were followed by several workshops and coaching sessions, helping participants improve self-awareness and collaboration skills. For the management team, a 360 feedback evaluation was added, in order to bring more focused insights on their leadership styles and development areas.
  3. Implementation: The development programs commenced in January 2022 and lasted 1.5 years, incorporating multiple half-day workshops organized unit by unit. EIP3 and 360 were completed by participants and results were shared with them in feedback reports. Practitioners at Sanoma Media Finland then facilitated team collaboration workshops designed by Talogy and ran 1-to-1 coaching sessions with participants, focused on personal and leadership development.
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The program was a great success: the EIP3 solution used in 1-1 coaching and group sessions effectively improved participants’ collaboration and self-management skills. On top of that, participants provided excellent feedback.

Sanoma Media Finland observed an increase in the level of cross-team collaboration and also an uptick in their engagement survey results after the program.

“We received great feedback from the Sanoma Media Finland B2B Unit and their entire organization – the solutions and workshops really resonated with the people! Throughout our collaboration, the mutual trust and open communication were essential in fuelling insightful co-creation and implementation of solutions.” – Valtteri Lansimies, Talogy Country Manager, Finland

The program also played a pivotal role in advancing Sanoma Media Finland’s strategic goal of entering a new growth phase by developing their most valuable asset: their people.

What’s more, the program helped to drive a unified culture across the Sanoma Media Finland organization, by motivating and inspiring the workforce.

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What’s next with Talogy

Sanoma Media Finland has chosen to extend the collaboration with Talogy on continuous talent development programs, with specific themes identified each year based on strategic focus areas. The focus so far has been on collaboration within teams, leading in change and leading strategic accounts. Talogy support the organization’s development needs through our EI-based offering as well as our leadership development solutions.

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