Supporting leadership transitions

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HEFCE is committed to retaining its reputation as an employer of choice in the public sector. Its people strategy states that “our continued success depends on the expertise, talent, interpersonal skills and proactivity of our people … we all rely on everyone in the organization to be an active citizen, committed to high performance and continuous improvement.” HEFCE has retained Talogy as a supplier of executive and individual coaching services in support of this aim. Executive coaching engagements have been undertaken to facilitate people transitioning into more senior roles, to address specific areas of development and in support of overall leadership development.



Talogy has provided our flagship Catalyst Coaching Program for a number of senior leaders within HEFCE, tailored to the needs of each leader and their business sponsor through an initial and on-going contracting process. In all cases this involved an initial diagnostic session using our suite of developmental psychometrics, contextualized in a work/life review. This grounding ensured the coaching work addressed the habits and attitudes which underpinned any blocks to maximizing effectiveness.

As part of the coaching process we were able to raise further coachees’ awareness of their impact on others through the use of either our online 360 feedback tools, or an in-depth qualitative stakeholder interview 360 process.



All coaching assignments have concluded with an evaluation with both the coachee and their line manager. In all cases, significant positive outcomes were reported in both attitude and behavior which resulted in improved engagement and job performance.

I have definitely found the coaching process helpful. It has stirred me out of a rut on a few counts and prompted me to take proper stock of things in work and life generally. This has already begun to pay dividends in changing my attitude and approach in a constructive way. I think Maslow (in his Hierarchy of Needs theory) has self-actualization at the top – the process has helped me to do better on this. My confidence and effectiveness is improved, feeding into how I relate to senior stakeholders.

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