Franprix Supermarkets

Using Capture to engage and assess business values during candidate screening

Client challenge

Franprix is a French grocery store chain, headquartered in Paris. They run over 800 city-centre grocery stores throughout the country, with over 9,000 employees. Franprix has always received high volumes of job applications for its roles, but when their new ATS system was rolled out in 2018, the number of applications sky rocketed to 40,000 applicants, with only 3,000 positions to fill.

At the same time, the retail industry experienced substantial consumer change, meaning Franprix and its competitors needed to be more customer focused. As a result, the ideal profile of store employees was changing, from a more transactional profile with emphasis on speed, to a profile where service levels and rapport building were key.

Against this backdrop, Franprix decided to change to their traditional recruitment process – consisting of a manual CV screening, a phone interview pre-selection, and a group recruitment session – to a more modern assessment solution. The new process needed to fulfil the following goals:

  • Create high volume screening efficiency
  • Redefine the ideal candidate profile with a focus on values
  • Optimize the candidate experience
  • Remove bias from the selection process

We wanted to offer an engaging and enjoyable experience in line with our Business Values.



With Capture, Franprix has developed a new recruitment method based on values beyond experience, to promote equal opportunity. By pre-selecting candidates whose values match those of the brand, even before interviewing them, Franprix has successfully met all goals:

  • Create high volume screening efficiency: Significant resource was saved by replacing manual CV screening with the Franprix Capture assessment. As a result, preparation time for group recruitment sessions has decreased from 2 days to 2 hours. In addition, hiring rate in those group recruitment sessions also went up – from 50% of candidates being hired before the implementation of Capture, to 75-80% being recruited after.
  • Redefine the ideal candidate profile with a focus on values: Franprix is now selecting on characteristics that are relevant for the new retail world, rather than for the CV based skills relevant for the traditional retail work environment.
  • Optimize the candidate experience: Candidates have reported that they see the new recruitment approach as innovative and that the process is smooth, respectful and transparent.
  • Remove bias from the selection process: Pre-selecting on values match rather than on CV, has reduced adverse impact and led to more diverse candidates going through to the group recruitment stage.


Overall, the new recruitment process is seen as a positive, digital and human approach that has earned the support of all at Franprix, and delivered both efficiencies and better hires.

Capture allows us to communicate values that are important and that we care about. Franprix is all about customer service, humanity and efficiency. Having a tool that allows us to match the candidate’s values with our own was important to me.

Jonathan Goldfarb

Recruitment and Training Director, Franprix Supermarkets