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Leaders set the tone for your entire organization

When you have problems within your workforce, the first place you should look is your leadership team. Whether you’re struggling with poor performance, low morale, or high turnover, many issues in an organization start at the top. And your leaders may not be aware of their effect on the rest of your employees.

Being a leader today presents many challenges. Leaders are expected to have 360-degree vision. They need to look forward, backward, and around corners. And understand the complex systems in which they operate. They need to do all of this while engaging, inspiring, and stimulating results from their direct reports.

So how can you help your leaders solve talent issues while also preparing them for the future needs of your organization? You need a development program that helps your leaders understand what they need to be successful today and tomorrow.

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Our top 5 tips for developing your leaders

    Understand leadership needs today

    To solve immediate problems, your leaders need enough self-awareness to understand how they are affecting or unintentionally contributing to those problems. When they don’t have access to that insight, they may become defensive and less open to changing their behavior. Establish a development plan that strengthens self-awareness, so your leaders get a better idea of what they can do to improve the work environment for everyone.

    Understand the leadership needs of tomorrow

    Tomorrow comes quickly, and your leaders need to be ready. They need to be able to anticipate potential challenges, growth opportunities, and changes in direction. Give them the space to be able to look ahead and encourage them to always be planning for the future.

    Align leaders to vision and strategy

    Make sure your leaders have a strong sense of purpose within your organization. What do you expect from them? Do their job responsibilities carry the mission and vision of your organization forward? Regularly revisit your strategy and how your leadership team fits into it.

    Develop humility and resilience

    The most successful leaders have humility and resilience — and research shows both of these competencies can be further developed. Leaders should be humble, open to feedback from everyone, and be able to recognize that they may not always have all the answers. Humility helps to cultivate psychological safety in themselves and in those around them.

    Be willing to disrupt

    Creativity is important for the future of all organizations, especially as the world of work continues to change. You may find that you can’t do things the way they’ve always been done. Giving your leaders the freedom to disrupt their thinking allows for more imaginative solutions to future challenges.


Proven expertise in leadership development

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It has been a real pleasure working with Talogy. I’m looking forward to partnering with you again in the future.

James Hampton

Learning & Development Manager, Seasalt

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