Is your assessment technology costing you talent? (Part 2)

Written by Ted Kinney, Vice President, Research and Development

An assessment can’t just be user-friendly — it has to deliver useful and accurate results in order to help you make the best hiring decisions. This means assessment questions, answers, and procedures must be the product of scientific reasoning and evidence that contribute to accurate and predictive results. In other words, your assessment should give you a real indication of a candidate’s ability to perform the job — not just general information about them that may or may not be relevant.

The importance of science-backed results

This scientific backing also helps keep assessments in compliance with employment laws since it can help hiring managers make decisions based on ability, free of any potential bias. The best assessments take scientific backing to the next level, ensuring there are no wrinkles in the process that could compromise the accuracy of results.

For example, cognitive ability measurement is known to be very predictive of job performance. However, traditional cognitive ability tests often caused majority groups to outperform some protected groups. This issue leads to hiring compliance challenges. The solution is creating a test that accurately measures cognitive ability and is free of bias that can otherwise skew results and favor certain groups.

Another example of a potential issue that could compromise results is if different user contexts offer slightly different experiences. Whether an applicant takes the assessment on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, this shouldn’t impact their results.

The most scientifically advanced assessments can also collect trace data to produce a more detailed picture of each candidate and the way they think. For example, Talogy built technology that achieves about 500 data points on a person in the same time that a typical assessment could only get about 20.

You can have both a tech-advanced and science-backed assessment

Many who are familiar with assessment software feel they must choose between two types of assessment solutions:

  1. Technology-advanced options that are user-friendly and engaging but lack a solid scientific foundation
  2. Scientific-focused solutions with more accurate, evidence-based results that are cumbersome to use for candidates

Thankfully, this is really a false dichotomy. Talogy has worked hard to create an alloy product where both science and technology work together to create a positive candidate experience while providing a robust assessment that can accurately identify the best candidates. You can achieve the compliance, accuracy, and user experience you’re after without having to compromise in any of these important areas.

Engaging and identifying top talent with best-in-class assessment technology

Assessment software can help you make informed talent decisions that drive your organization forward — as long as the assessment technology you choose offers an excellent user experience and scientifically proven results. Talogy helps organizations achieve this ideal to narrow down their talent pool and identify the very best fits.

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