How to improve candidate experience in hiring

Are candidates dropping out of your hiring funnel? Poor candidate experience may be to blame.

Why engaging candidates in your hiring process is essential

In a competitive talent market, candidate experience matters. If your hiring process isn’t built to ensure a positive candidate experience, the talent you have worked hard to recruit may not get an accurate perception of your organisation and they may drop out of your selection process. Even if they do stay in the process, you might not create the level of excitement or enthusiasm for your organisation that your selection process should generate.

Candidate experience begins as soon as someone first learns about your job opening. From that point forward, your process should focus on providing the information that person needs to understand why your organisation is where they want to work. As applicants progress through your selection process, always remember that they need to make a decision about their fit with you, just as you are evaluating their fitness for the role. To make a positive first impression on each potential new employee, the experience your candidates have during the hiring process needs to be carefully considered.

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Our top 5 tips for creating a positive candidate experience

    Be clear about your expectations

    Tell your candidates what to expect right from the start. Let them know how many steps there are in the hiring process, what’s involved with each of those steps, and how long each step will take – before they even apply. Most candidate dropout stems from unclear expectations and poor communication; rarely do candidates drop out because of an assessment.

    Choose the right assessments

    Many organisations believe shorter assessments – or no assessment at all – will reduce candidate dropout rates. But candidates expect to be assessed. If the assessment is job-related, designed to engage participants and clearly communicated, candidates are happy to participate.

    Give your candidates the chance to impress

    Assessing candidates on their hard-won skills and experience shows them you’re serious about hiring someone who has what it takes to do the job. They are more likely to react negatively when they are not given a chance to show you who they are and what they are capable of. Just sending candidates through your hiring process without evaluation sends a clear message to your top candidates that you really don’t care about building a high-performance culture.

    Use assessments designed for engagement

    Using assessments with elements that are designed to engage is key to keeping candidates moving forward. Leverage cutting-edge layouts, interactive content and highly stylised solutions to communicate who you are and what your culture is. Designing for engagement is critical to a well-developed selection process.

    Meet your candidates where they are

    Today’s candidates are mobile, high-tech and they expect flexibility. Meet them where they are with a hiring process that is mobile-friendly and modern – and also has a proven track record that shows scoring distributions are equal whether a candidate chooses to complete an assessment on mobile or desktop. User experience in the hiring process can make or break candidate experience.


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