Solutions to support the Magnet journey

Magnet hospitals have more satisfied nurses and a better patient experience

The Magnet Program


The Magnet Recognition Program® of the American Nurses Credentialing Center is the most prestigious distinction an organisation can receive for nursing excellence.

The Journey to Magnet Excellence impacts quality, service and broader organisational performance metrics. Magnet hospitals attract top nurses, have more satisfied nurses, lower turnover, greater nursing autonomy and a better patient experience.

Magnet recognition is a rigorous, multi-year undertaking and only 8% of US hospitals earn this distinction. Not surprisingly, though, hospitals that embrace Talogy’s evidence-based approach to hiring nurses are much more likely to achieve this important recognition. More than 25% of the hospitals that fully embrace this methodology have earned Magnet recognition. More than three times the national average!

How Talogy’s healthcare solutions support the journey


The competencies that matter

Nurses and nursing leaders at hospitals on the Magnet journey focus on a different set of requisite behavioural skills. They care about advanced competencies including autonomy, collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, innovation and adaptability. We build these into the hiring process, targeting candidates with these skills. Nurses at non-Magnet hospitals tend to focus on more fundamental competencies like dependability and accountability. In these situations, we support leadership’s vision to push the organisation toward higher expectations.

Evidence-based hiring

Just as nurses provide care based on objective data, research, and evidence, hospitals can take a similar approach to hiring nurses who will support their culture. Research and validation studies continue to demonstrate that this approach consistently identifies nursing candidates who will succeed and whose values are in line with the organisation.

Identify and develop nursing leaders

Strong, effective, transformational leadership is at the core of the Magnet mission and journey. Talogy’s leadership expertise and tools help the organisation focus on the right leadership skills and take a deliberate approach to identifying and developing front-line and executive level nursing leaders.