Improve selection and development process through continuous partnership

The Client

BASF is a German-headquartered, multi-national organisation and the largest chemical producer in the world. Through its diverse range of products, it caters to the agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction, textile, and automotive industries, among others.

Talogy’s relationship with BASF in Australia began nearly 19 years ago in 2003 when the organisation incorporated the Caliper Profile to improve its selection process.


Due to Talogy’s long association with BASF, Talogy has developed a deep understanding of the business context. Through their extensive use of the Caliper Profile, BASF in turn, are highly familiar and comfortable with the tool such that the “Caliper language” has been embedded into their everyday functioning and people practices. Over the years, Talogy consultants have developed a trusted relationship with key BASF stakeholders.

With its 3-to-5-year validity, the Caliper Profile has the benefit of being used for multiple employee experience touch points beyond the initial selection phase.
Additionally, the Caliper Profile, with its objective concepts and practical language resonated well with BASF’s technically minded employees and leaders over other theoretic-focused psychometric tools available in the market.

For many years now, BASF Australia and New Zealand has used Caliper as a recruitment tool to help guide us to make confident decisions in relation to the selection of candidates. I believe this has helped us to secure a great pool of talented individuals for our organisation.

Amanda Nankervis

HR Manager for Australia and New Zealand

Through our continuous partnership with BASF, Talogy have delivered range of services that span across the employee lifecycle:

  • Selection: Talogy’s initial scope of work in 2003 included implementing the Caliper Profile as part of the recruitment and selection process for senior leaders. Having experienced the Caliper tool, BASF extended their use of the Caliper Profile as a key selection criterion for other professional and leadership roles within the organisation. As part of BASF’s graduate program, Talogy also designed and delivered an assessment centre using Caliper.
  • Development and pathways: The Caliper Profile has been further leveraged for a range of employee development activities within BASF. Using insights provided by the tool, Talogy has completed multiple initiatives with the client including:
    • Team workshops on topics such as ‘having difficult conversations’
    • Leadership development and high-potential programs
    • Coaching, debriefs and development planning
    • Development centres
    • Role transition workshops
  • Upskilling: Talogy have also certified a number of BASF’s Human Resources (HR) team members; building their internal capability to interpret the Caliper Profile.

In 2019, on Talogy’s recommendation, BASF switched to a Caliper subscription gaining unlimited access to the Caliper Platform. A key advantage for BASF’s HR team included the independence to leverage the Caliper Profile and its insights for several talent requirements as they emerge.

As sign of commitment of our longstanding relationship with BASF, our key senior HR stakeholder co-delivered a Talogy webinar with one of our consultants on the topic: “5 keys to successful hiring in a reshaped world of work”. This brought to bear our combined insights to share with Talogy’s broader Australian client-base during critical months of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Over 3780 Caliper Profiles delivered for selection or development since 2003
  • Improved candidate experience through an objective selection tool and 1:1 feedback
  • Talent insights available to BASF to apply to a range of employee experience touchpoints and initiatives