How to optimise high-volume hiring

Take your hiring process from overwhelming to effective and efficient.

High-volume hiring with higher value

Whether in a candidate-led or employer-led market, finding the best match for a role can be challenging. When the market is rich with qualified workers, you’ll likely need to emphasise efficiency in your process to evaluate candidates from a large applicant pool. In a time of scarcity in the labour market, you need to find the best talent to place in jobs as quickly as possible. One truth remains constant in both scenarios – you need a hiring process that ensures you get the right fit.

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Our top 5 tips for optimising high-volume hiring

How to improve the success of your high-volume hiring without significantly increasing staffing or recruiters:

    Be transparent

    One of the most effective ways to prevent applicants from dropping out of your hiring process is to communicate clearly about what’s involved. Be transparent about how many steps they’ll need to complete and what will be required of them along the way.

    Evaluate key characteristics

    Take a look at each step of your selection process to determine exactly what you need from a successful hire. Does the candidate need a certain level of experience? What are the key behaviours they need to demonstrate for effective performance? Carefully evaluate the role to understand what is truly required for success.

    Focus on potential

    In high-volume hiring, potential is often more important than experience. Hiring based solely on past experience can screen out candidates who have the potential to thrive within your organisation. If you’re having trouble finding a candidate who’s done the job before, try evaluating attributes and competencies rather than experience

    Adjust your process to the labour market

    Whether talent availability is ample or scarce, your process needs to reflect the dynamic nature of the labour market. Your selection system needs to have flexible technology and content backed by data to adjust yield rates across the process as talent demand shifts.

    Let candidates shine

    In high-volume situations, it’s tempting to shorten or completely delete steps from the process. But good candidates want a chance to show you who they are. In-depth assessments allow them to do just that, while providing an evaluation that is job-specific and lets them know you’re taking this hiring decision seriously.


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We’ve seen a huge increase in the quality of hire.

Jonny Bevan

Emerging Talent Manager, Currys

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