Let your values be your candidate selection guide with Capture talent assessment

Let your values be your candidate selection guide with Capture talent assessment

Let your values be your candidate selection guide with Capture talent assessment

Attract candidates who match your unique brand and values.

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A unique talent attraction solution to engage your candidates

Capture is a personality and values assessment, often used at the start of the hiring process to evaluate how well candidates’ values align to the values of your organisation. Uniquely, candidates using Capture can also identify and choose to apply for the roles in your organisation that would be the best fit for them. You and your organisation save time through naturally narrowing candidate pools – and candidates get exposure to your brand and values, and benefit from instant feedback, leaving a great first impression to take away.

In 2021, Capture won the top Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Unique Talent Management Technology.

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Let your values lead the way by exciting the people who will really thrive within your organisation.

In today’s candidate market, Capture gives you the edge 

  • Branded assessments: Showcase your employer brand, values and roles.
  • Find the best match: Help candidates to understand their match with roles or your culture.
  • Attract candidates: Increase the number of candidates in your talent pipeline.
  • Let candidates lead: Drive efficiency by candidates self-selecting out of your process.


Why Capture

We’re not psychology or technology –
we’re a blend of both.


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    Let science help you screen:

    Streamline recruitment by reducing the quantity of unsuitable candidates moving through your selection process, while also attracting the best-fit candidates.

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    Boost engagement early on:

    Instill an advanced understanding of what to expect from your workplace.


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    Put your brand front and centre:

    Fully branded visual assessments mean you communicate your values and inspire your candidates right from the word ‘Go.’

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    Save time:

    Rapidly assess values and/or role fit in under 10 minutes and deliver instant feedback to candidates.

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    Connect anywhere:

    Enable people to explore your values on the go, with mobile-friendly assessments designed to look like social feeds and to work beautifully across all devices.

What you need to know about Capture

  • All content is customisable to best reflect your brand and culture
  • Instant feedback for candidates
  • No more than 10 minutes to complete
  • No training required


Capture is fun, gamified, innovative and visually interesting.

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