Finance and insurance talent solutions

Finding and keeping the right talent directly impacts your business or firm’s bottom line. Using the forces of psychology and technology, we pair data with human experience to analyze your business and uncover the right talent solutions for you.

We get the finance and insurance industry

We understand your business. Our consultants have been advising banking institutions, insurance companies, private equity firms, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders for decades. We’ve designed our solutions to be: 


  • Valid 
  • Legally defensible 
  • Scientifically proven to enhance performance across your entire organization  


And even through the natural peaks and valleys of the global economy, our solutions stand the test of time.


We were looking for a solution that was innovative, quick, user friendly and insightful. P.A.P.I. 3+ completely fits with these requirements. Congrats Talogy!

Guillaume Lesage

Talent Acquisition Manager, Generali France

We are leaders in financial and insurance talent management

Our experts are deeply embedded in the finance and insurance industry and familiar with the challenges you face every day. Whether you’re looking for your next Chief Financial Officer or Analyst, we can help you find the best person for the job.

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Common professional services positions
  • Financial Analyst

  • Loan Officer

  • Bank Teller

  • Branch Manager

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Accountant

  • Insurance Underwriter

  • Investment Fund Manager

  • Financial Advisor

Why Talogy

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


We take the best parts of psychology and technology to deliver solutions that are compliant, low risk, and backed by science and research. With ongoing validation work, we can configure solutions that perfectly fit your business objectives.

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Learn how Talogy can help you find the right talent management solution to improve your business outcomes.