Improving engagement through development for their most valuable employees


With offices in 155 countries and more than 284,000 employees, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world, offering a variety of Assurance, Tax and Advisory services.

In 2014, PwC was looking to tackle an attrition challenge they identified: They noticed that a relatively high percentage of their most valuable employees left the business after working at PwC for 3-5 years. They decided they wanted to lower attrition and increase tenure with the organisation for this specific group.

In order to achieve this, PwC was looking to create an engaging development intervention for their employees, to help them choose and design their preferred career paths and prepare them for success in their next role within PwC.

PwC had run successful talent management interventions with Talogy before this initiative, and they were especially satisfied with the highly customised nature of the initiatives Talogy helped them run before. As a result, they decided to partner up with Talogy for this important project as well.


An essential programme that has been widely appreciated by both participants and stakeholders.

François Fère

Regional Sales Director, Talogy Western Europe


Talogy and PwC joined forces to design an immersive 2-day Development Center process, each cohort to be comprised of 12 participants. Next to it being an excellent development opportunity, an essential criterium for the Development Center was that it should be fun and engaging. This was achieved through a variety of means, such as:

  • Energetic ice breaker sessions to set the scene from the start
  • A range of diverse exercises throughout the days, from life-like crisis management scenario solving, to recording a video ad to win a top award
  • Continuous feedback and self-reflection opportunities
  • The experience was also a valuable networking experience, bringing together colleagues from areas throughout the business.


The programme

The first day of the Development Center largely focused on creating self-awareness of motivators and development opportunities within the participants. On the second day, these valuable insights were then turned into a Personal Development Plan, created with the help of the participant’s HR Business Partner.

The programs are always run with a mix of Talogy Consultants, PwC Directors and PwC HR partners.

Robust results

The Development Centers were rated amongst the top 3 training and development programmes ran by PwC over the last six years.

Participant experiences have been very positive since the start. Even when the Development Centers had to be moved online during the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic, participants rated the development experience as positively as before the change.


I’ve learned a lot during the session and received feedback that I can translate into an actionable development plan. Thank you for this opportunity.

PwC development centre participant

What’s next with Talogy?

The Development Centers have been running for six years at the time of writing, and over 30 2-day Centers were organised within that time. Almost 350 PwC employees have been able to experience this engaging and disruptive Development Center so far, and more sessions will be run in the future.