How to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring

Make your hiring process more inclusive to attract diverse candidates.

Attracting diverse talent starts with inclusive hiring

In today’s climate, organisations want to ensure they’re making a meaningful impact on their client base and in their communities. This requires diversity of thought and representation of the community within the organisation itself. But ensuring your workforce represents those populations can be challenging. 

Many organisations struggle to attract diverse talent. And it often comes down to how inclusive your hiring process is. Even if you’ve worked hard to optimise your screening and selection, you may still notice problems with getting diverse candidates into your process.  

Being an inclusive employer starts with making your recruitment process fair for your candidates. And your talent selection solutions should be predictive in a way that’s fair for everyone.


Our top 5 tips for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring

    Recognise bias 

    Bias is likely to exist. The key is to recognise when and where it occurs – and the associated challenges it brings. Identify it, and then work to remove it.

    Look at all facets of diversity

    True inclusion goes beyond race and ethnicity. Make sure you’re considering physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and gender identity. And then break each category down into subcategories. This can go a long way toward uncovering hidden biases you may have overlooked.

    Collect and use data

    Collect the data and metrics that define your workplace to see a full picture of the people who make up your organisation today. Use that data to better understand where you need to improve. You’ll be able to see if there are disadvantages to a particular group. And with that visibility, you can begin to tackle the problem.

    Be open to learning

    Look critically at your current screening and selection system. You may be using a technique that turns out to be unfair for certain groups. If you’re open to learning about alternatives to the way you’ve always done things, you’re well on your way to being truly inclusive.

    Accept the long-term commitment of DEI

    There is no overnight fix when it comes to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring. Worthwhile changes take time. To really transform the accessibility and inclusivity of your hiring process, you also need to accept the lengthy timeline of DEI. 


Proven expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion

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