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Selecting and nurturing talent requires more than just intuition. At Talogy, psychology and technology come together to take the guesswork out of your selection and development.

We get the automotive industry

While there will always be peaks and valleys in the automotive world of work, our assessment solutions stand the test of time. Even through unexpected events — like the global financial crisis or the tumultuous public health crisis of 2020 — we address your most urgent talent issues, such as:

  • High volume hiring
  • Workplace safety
  • Leadership development
  • … and everything in between


No matter what challenge you may be facing, the world’s top automotive companies trust Talogy’s broad set of end-to-end talent screening, selection, and development solutions to help you solve talent problems now and prepare for the future.

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World-class expertise in automotive talent acquisition and development

We have a deep understanding of the automotive industry because our consultants have been advising automotive companies for decades. We speak your language and we’ve designed our solutions and resources for automotive retailers and manufacturers around the world. 

  • 93%

    93 %

    of North American Auto Makers
  • 52500000+

    52 500 000 +

    Manufacturing assessments taken globally
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Common automotive positions
  • Mechanic

  • Manager

  • Repair Technician

  • Car Salesperson

  • Auto Body Detailer

  • Clerical Staff

PSI has worked really well. It’s all really user-friendly and very simple.

Emily Vantrease

Talent Management Specialist, Volkswagen

Why Talogy 

We’re not psychology or technology — we’re an alloy of both.


Our success in the automotive industry relies on leveraging the forces of both psychology and technology. Our solutions are crafted by psychology experts and delivered using market-leading technology to ensure you select and develop the best talent. 

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Learn how Talogy can help steer you toward the right talent solution for the future of automotive.