Mindgage: A new way to assess cognitive ability

Mindgage: A new way to assess cognitive ability

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New generation cognitive ability assessment to predict work success

Time and time again, research has proven that cognitive ability is consistently one of the strongest predictors of work success. But traditional ways of measuring cognitive ability in candidates have big downsides: time-consuming tests, suboptimal candidate experience and negative impacts on minority groups. We’ve changed all this with our new generation of ability tests: Mindgage.

Why use the latest cognitive ability tests 

  • Make objective hiring decisions: Generate concrete data for critical talent decisions.
  • Engage candidates with innovation: Show your candidates you are forward-thinking with our next-generation tests.
  • Use modular assessment for clever hiring: Combine Mindgage modules with other personality or behavioural modules for powerful all-in-one assessment.
  • Predict future growth: Cognitive ability is a strong indicator of growth potential.

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Why Mindgage

We’re not psychology or technology – we’re a blend of both.


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    Harness innovation and reduce group differences: 

    Using innovative machine learning and scoring techniques, our researchers have succeeded in significantly reducing group differences, substantially lowering the risk of adverse impact for you.

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    Embrace a hybrid scoring approach:

    We have employed a hybrid approach using both psychological theory-driven and machine learning (or AI) methodologies to ensure that all of our scoring models are psychologically informed and humanly interpretable.

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    Be quick – and accurate:

    The scoring mechanisms behind Mindgage mean the modules don’t have to be long to be accurate, giving you short testing time and enhanced candidate experience.


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    Be truly tech equivalent:

    Mindgage is proven to ensure candidate scores are the same whether they complete on desktop, tablet or mobile.

  • Discover easy worldwide coverage:

    Mindgage is easy to implement globally, whatever the candidate’s language, as most modules are less reliant on text-based features.

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    Brilliant candidate experience. 

    The modules all have usability, design and intuitive gameplay elements at their core, creating an immersive and unique assessment experience.

Mindgage: The facts

  • Four different modules
  • 5-10 minutes to complete each module
  • Available soon in over 12 languages
  • Accreditation required

Keyline Decoration
Four different modules:
  • Crunch: Solve equations and order them correctly to measure numerical ability.

  • Flow: Create a pathway to get from A to B to measure mental rotation ability.

  • Seek: Remember and avoid hidden walls to escape the maze, measuring perceptual ability.

  • Sync: Match up words with similar meaning to measure verbal ability. (Coming soon!)