Assess job-relevant judgement and behaviour using The Dilemmas SeriesTM

Assess job-relevant judgement and behaviour using The Dilemmas SeriesTM

Assess job-relevant judgement and behaviour using The Dilemmas Series

Ready-to-use situational judgement tests

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How situational judgement tests enhance prediction and screening power

Identifying talent who will demonstrate the right judgement and decision-making when presented with challenging work situations is very important, as a person’s behaviour can determine the success of an organisation. Doing this effectively and efficiently is particularly challenging when you need to sift through large numbers of job applications.

Talogy has taken the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) methodology to design The Dilemmas Series, as it enables the measurement of behaviour using automatic scoring. When using our best practice and scientific principles to develop these tests, they can be predictive of performance and help hire the right candidate fairly and reliably.

Why SJTs are so popular and effective:

  • They are realistic, job-relevant and predictive of future performance.
  • Candidates have positive reactions to the assessment in comparison to other test formats.
  • They typically have lower subgroup differences compared with other assessment types.

Multiple roles and levels covered with The Dilemmas Series

  • Management Dilemmas: Find or develop effective managers for your organisation.
  • Graduate Dilemmas: Find the graduates who are right for you.
  • Administrative Dilemmas: Find the right people for your admin, clerical and secretarial roles.
  • Customer Service Dilemmas: Find the candidates who can meet and exceed face-to-face customer expectations.
  • Call Centre Dilemmas: Find those who can deliver outstanding customer service.


Why The Dilemmas Series

We’re not psychology or technology –
we’re a blend of both.


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    Be job-relevant:

    Assessments reflect practical, realistic and relevant job scenarios, so you get greater perceived job relevance for your candidates.

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    Assesses judgement reliably:

    Judgement and decision-making are very important at work, as it drives what we do and how effective we are. Measuring this important characteristic is very difficult, but The Dilemmas Series makes it possible.

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    Customise for added impact:

    Benefit from Talogy’s wealth of expertise and experience in designing innovative and customised SJTs for client organisations.


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    Experience efficiency:

    Everything is designed with fully automated marking for quick and error-free scoring.

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    Create great user experience:

    Get online delivery via TalogyTech so you can easily invite candidates to take tests.

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    Access analytics:

    Track candidate progress and view or export candidate scores at any point in your recruitment project.

What you need to know about The Dilemmas Series

  • 4-5 competencies measured in each part of the series
  • No training required
  • Your choice of ready-to-use tests or further customisation


We anticipated an uplift in applicant numbers and therefore wanted to introduce a new, robust selection tool to our graduate assessment process, to address the challenges of the recruitment market and the growing numbers of applications.

Anglie Johns

Recruitment Services Manager, Waitrose