Rebrand FAQs

Why are PSI Talent Management and all of its acquisitions now Talogy?

If you have a moment, we suggest you read our blog post that can give you the entire story behind the rebrand decision and journey. Here is the synopsis.

At PSI Talent Management, with 75+ year’s expertise, we have had ambitious goals to innovate, improve and adapt. In the past 5 years we have made 16 acquisitions: Cubiks, Caliper, JCA Global, Performance Assessment Network, Select International, EB Jacobs, IPAT, Ottmann, Human Scope, Performance Based Selection, a&dc, Innovative HR solutions, HST, OPRA, Propel, and Solvably, and have expanded our global reach, portfolio of brilliant people, modern technology and science-backed solutions. It was important that our brand represented what we have become since we started on this path.

We are all now unified under Talogy and work together as one team to provide organisations the best solutions for complex talent challenges.


Will this rebrand affect the services I receive?

In summary, here is what the rebrand will NOT impact: our people, our platform URLs, our phone numbers, our commitments to you, our assessments, our report content, our contracts, where your data is kept, your integrations. Anything that we have previously committed to you as a service will not be impacted by this rebrand.

What will change: our email addresses from 4 April (23:00 CST US) will be on the new domain, our technology ecosystem will receive a look and feel update comprised of logo and colour palette changes, and we have a new website.

Will this rebrand affect my current contract or pricing?

The rebrand will not affect your current contract or pricing. If there are pricing changes to your contract, those are not related to the rebrand project. When your contract does come up for renewal, we will renew it under the new company name.

Over the next couple of months, you will see all our business documents being issued under the new name. This may include but isn’t limited to invoices, contracts, RFP responses/proposals/tenders.

What will happen to the products
I use?

The assessments that you use will not be affected.

From April 2022, the user interface of some of our platforms will be updated to reflect the Talogy brand. This includes our Cubiks Online platform which will be rebranded at beginning of April. You will notice some user interface enhancements alongside the new brand look and feel.

Some of our other platforms will be rebranded in mid-April. These include the PSI True Talent platforms (including PAN Business and PAN Enterprise), Apollo, PSI Hub, Caliper Portal and SelecTrak platforms.

Will my log-in/sign-in information change?

No, all log-in/sign-in information will be the same.

What does the rebrand mean for me as a client?

With the unification of all talent management acquisitions under one brand and the investment that Talogy has put into TalogyTech (see question 8), this means access to more solutions for varied needs and access to a larger pool of expertise.

Will I still work with the same teams that manage my account or support me?

Yes. You will continue to work with the same people with whom you have previously worked. If some team members change, that is not related to the rebrand.

In your materials, I see screenshots of a platform called TalogyTech, but it looks more modern than my interface. Why doesn’t my interface look like that? How do I get to take advantage of the new experience?

Talogy customers already benefit from the best assessment technology solutions. As we continue to innovate and evolve our technology approach, you will see enhancements to features and UI, alongside an ongoing branding transition to TalogyTech, our technology ecosystem. As we schedule this programme of innovation, you may still see some older branding in parts of our technology landscape. Our ambition over time is to transition fully to the TalogyTech branding.

Our vision is to bring the best technology capabilities into a single technology stack so that customers can take advantage of the best assessment content and technology solutions without having to manage multiple logins. This new capability delivers an engaging participant experience, flexible configuration options that take advantage of our unique content and dynamic, customisable reporting features.

We would love to talk with you about our new technology approach and how you can benefit from configurable assessment solutions that help you hire and develop better in our new world of work.