MiSK Foundation

Developing influential leaders to drive transformation in Saudi Arabia

  • The Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation (MiSK)
  • Government sector
  • Headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Founded in 2011

About the client

Established by HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, MiSK Foundation is a non-profit organisation devoted to cultivate and encourage learning and leadership to support the kingdom’s 2030 Vision. The Foundation invests in various programmes in partnership with local and global organisations in the fields of Education and Entrepreneurship, Culture and the Creative Arts, Science and Technology. MiSK’s vision is to create a dynamic ecosystem for young Saudi talent to shape the future of Saudi Arabia and the world.



The MiSK Foundation launched the 2030 Leaders programme in 2021 that aims to develop and transform 1000+ leaders from both public and private sectors across the kingdom. The programme provides a bespoke leadership journey to equip over 1000 experienced and influential leaders in building their sphere of influence to drive the kingdom’s transformation agenda and realise Vision 2030 goals.



In previous years, MiSK found the selection process to have a fragmented approach, with inconsistent use of competencies throughout the selection process and a lack of clarity around the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines. By partnering with Talogy, MiSK aimed to create a more consistent and robust selection process to Identify 90 successful participants from 5,000+ applicants.

The solution from Talogy can be looked at in three phases:

  1. Select: through psychometric assessments, video interviews and competency-based interviews, Talogy helped the MiSK Foundation effectively process a large volume of applications to identify high potential Saudi leaders who can contribute to the realisation of Vision 2030
  2. Develop: Talogy co-led the design of a transformative, highly experiential, 9-month long leadership programme to set the leaders up for the kingdom’s transformational journey
  3. Enable: through the creation of MiSK’s Leadership Society where the selected high potential senior leaders collaborate towards society’s greater good

Talogy accomplished this by considering the below aspects:

  • Analyse the current selection process, including the identification of any gaps or areas for improvement.
  • Enhance and develop leadership selection process that aligns with the Vision 2030 and MiSK Foundation goals.
  • Design and develop selection materials, including application form, assessment criteria, and assessment tools.
  • Identify and select potential leaders for the programme.
  • Develop SOPs for each selection stage.
  • Ensure that the selection process is fair, transparent, and inclusive by introducing Quality Assurance at each stage.

We understood that the MiSK Foundation wanted a bespoke process to meet their strategic vision but at same time could handle the enormous volume with highest quality and standards – and we were here for the challenge.

Zainab Khan

Account Manager, Talogy


  • Talogy and the MiSK Foundation created a streamlined assessment process that successfully managed a high application volume – a process that was subsequently established for multiple cohorts in the following years.
    • Over 1,800 applicants completed psychometric assessments.
    • 750 + video Interviews took place
    • 250 + Competency Based Interviews took place
    • 100 Interviews were co-conducted as Lead Assessors
    • 50 feedback sessions completed
  • Through collaboration, we established consistent, fair and outstanding quality control criteria to select the best leaders for the programme.
    • Quality control was conducted for the participants at the key steps of the selection process, including:
      • 30% of total applications
      • 50% of total interviews
      • 100% of competency-based interviews

What’s next with Talogy?

By partnering with Talogy, MiSK has accomplished all their goals and have gone on to develop tomorrow’s leaders of Saudi Arabia. MiSK has continued to work with Talogy for all ongoing cohorts, we’re currently in our 4th year of this successful assessment process.