Fusion for Energy

Empower leadership transformation through enhanced self-awareness

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Talogy was named the Best People Assessment Company at the HR Excellence Awards Belgium for our exceptional expertise and agility to navigate complexity in a multi-cultural context, demonstrated by the success of this initiative.


  • Industry: Energy
  • HQ: Barcelona, Spain
  • Employees: 450
  • Solution: 360 feedback and Emotional Intelligence for leadership development and culture transformation


Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Union organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER— the biggest scientific experiment in the field of fusion energy. With over 450 staff, spread across four locations, F4E’s workforce primarily consists of engineers, physicists, project managers, and specialised administrative employees.

Operating in a challenging environment, F4E fully understands the need to nurture an even more engaged community of employees. The goal is to create a workplace that enables staff to thrive as individuals and build a better organisation together. Recognising the crucial role of leaders in championing change, their first mission is to empower leadership by fostering a culture of feedback.



F4E chose to partner with Talogy for the rich expertise and experience in talent management, and a highly flexible approach to deliver a truly transformative initiative.


“Talogy played a pivotal role in the success of our 360 feedback initiative. Their advice and strategic acumen were instrumental in shaping a final proposal that addressed our challenges and stood out for its innovative approach.”  – Alessia Vecchio, Head of Administration at F4E


Working closely alongside F4E, Talogy designed and implemented a bespoke 360 feedback journey that went above and beyond the traditional process, combined with an emotional intelligence profile for transformative self-awareness and behavioural change.

  1. Setting the stage: Talogy consultants collaborated closely with F4E’s HR team to integrate the initiative into the organisation’s broader HR processes through securing stakeholder buy-in and establishing clear communication channels. The team then developed and tailored Talogy 360 and EIP3 (Emotional Intelligence Profile) to meet F4E’s exact needs, by mapping 360 competencies and EIP scales, and creating custom reporting.
  2. Preparing minds for change: After aligning with F4E on the assessment design, Talogy prepared participants for the transformative journey ahead by delivering awareness sessions to engage participants in the initiative and designed a comprehensive package of internal communication for distribution to employees across the organisation.
  3. Launching the assessments: After the launch of the 360 feedback and EIP3 assessments, Talogy provided ongoing technical and participant support throughout the assessment period to optimise completion rate and engagement.
  4. Transforming insights into action: Following the assessments, Talogy experts led webinars and debrief sessions to help participants interpret feedback and develop personal action plans, with a focus on encouraging collaboration and support between participants and their managers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and development.

The first cohort concluded with a comprehensive staff presentation to showcase the transformational measures set for implementation and the organisation’s commitment to fostering a better environment, strengthening staff engagement for collaboration.



  • With the preparation work and engagement effort, F4E recorded a remarkable 76% completion rate on 360 feedback and a perfect 100% on EIP3.
  • Collected data exposed the hidden barriers and underpinning factors hindering the full potential of F4E’s leaders, highlighting a science-backed path for effective development.
  • Talogy was named the Best People Assessment Company at the HR Excellence Awards Belgium for our exceptional expertise and agility to navigate complexity in a multi-cultural context, demonstrated by the success of this initiative.

Working with Talogy’s experienced consultants has been a great client experience, characterised by a proactive, flexible and results-driven attitude, even when dealing with challenging topics.

Alessia Vecchio

Head of Administration at F4E

What’s next with Talogy?

With positive participant feedback and leadership satisfaction, F4E has extended the collaboration with Talogy to deliver follow-up actions, including individual coaching, and is exploring the opportunity to co-build and deliver workshops, and group development training for emotional intelligence. Talogy will also collaborate with ITER International Organization on a 360 feedback project.