Talogy launches modular assessment solutions, bringing first-of-its-kind configurability to the market

Clients can continue to leverage Talogy’s 75-year history of data and scientific expertise in a new, enhanced way that combines powerful technology with science-based assessment principles to bring effectiveness and efficiency to the hiring process without sacrificing integrity

28 June, 2022Glendale, CA – Limitless combinations of curated assessment modules that test for specific competencies with brilliant digital experiences and the fastest implementation time on the market, all while keeping science and data at its core – that is what Talogy’s new end-to-end configurable assessment solutions bring to the table.

Backed by over ten million data points, 75 years of scientific research on talent assessments, and a clear understanding of client needs, Talogy’s configurable talent management technology offers solutions built uniquely to address clients’ unique talent challenges.

With Talogy’s modular technology, organisations can build the perfect assessment journey focused on the things that matter most for the role, removing irrelevant or redundant constructs.

Key benefits:

  • Talogy will tailor the assessment specifically to clients’ unique hiring and development needs and can reconfigure the assessment within days to meet changing requirements of the dynamic labour market, such as changes in applicant numbers, skill requirements, and candidate motivations.
  • Data-backed. Science and validity remain at the forefront, even when uniquely configured for clients, a critical function previously not seen in configurable assessments.
  • Candidate workflows integrate with existing applicant tracking systems, and implementation happens in as little as two days.
  • Provides a seamless experience for candidates and provides an efficient recruiter experience without a reduction in the personalised feel that engages participants.
  • Modern, mobile-first design works on any device allowing for a variety of assessments, simulations, and job previews while focusing only on the essentials for the role for high face validity.
  • Predictive, consistent, and fair. Flexible digital reporting simplifies decision-making by sifting through data and pinpointing critical insights.

“Talogy’s modular solutions answer the evolving assessment users’ demands for job-relevant content delivered with speed and flexibility while greatly enhancing candidate engagement through modern, mobile-first experiences. This innovative combination of science and technology allows clients to solve a wide range of hiring and development challenges, and do so on an ongoing basis,” said Peter Celeste, Global President at Talogy.

“We couldn’t be more excited to offer the first truly configurable, valid, and accurate modular assessment experience to the market.”

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An image showing five screenshots examples of Talogy's modular assessment solutions can be configured
This image represents an example of how Talogy’s modular assessment solutions can be configured quickly and remain scientific. Actual solution may be different. Images are presented in English, but assessments will be available in various languages.


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